Hard and artificial surface maintenance

Maintaining hard or artificial grass surfaces is critical for both longevity and functionality. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid typical challenges such as structural damage, weeds and moss, and drainage issues caused by debris accumulation. By investing in preventative maintenance, you not only avoid costly repairs but also improve the appearance and safety of your surfaces. With our extensive maintenance solutions, you can keep your spaces looking and functioning like new. Don't wait for problems to worsen; take care of your surfaces today to leave a lasting impression tomorrow.
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Outdoor Surface Cleaning

Using sweepers to remove soil and debris keeps surfaces clean, weed-free, and visually appealing.


Artificial grass maintenance

Our static brushes and sweepers effectively remove moss, dirt, and weeds from artificial surfaces, preserving both their durability and aesthetic appeal.


Leaf and light debris management

Managing leaves and light debris safeguards hard and artificial surfaces from blockages and staining. .


Gravel path maintenance

Maintaining the gravel surfaces by using gravel path renovators and gravel path graders to de-compact stones, eradicate weeds, and foster proper drainage.

Frequently asked questions

Hard surfaces should ideally be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, typically weekly or as needed depending on the level of usage and environmental factors. Regular maintenance helps prevent the buildup of dirt, debris, and moss, thereby averting trip hazards and inhibiting weed growth, which can damage the surface.

In a word, yes. Sweepers can be highly beneficial for maintaining both hard and artificial surfaces. Although the tasks the sweeper performs in each situation might be a little different.

On Hard surfaces, as sweeper is mainly used to remove loose debris and moss from the surface, this allows the surface to dry out easier - preventing freeze-thaw and moss growth.
On Artificial surfaces a sweeper is used to de-compact the infill, allowing it to be easily redistributed across the pitch. It can also remove moss from the surface and lift the pile.
If the grass strands are upright, they provide much better support for play, and encourage a uniform nature to the surface.

Kersten UK offers a diverse range of outdoor sweepers, including pedestrian and tractor-mounted models. Our sweepers feature innovative 5-row spiral brushes, adept at removing soil and debris from hard surfaces and effectively combating moss buildup on artificial surfaces. It is essential to consider factors such as surface size and specific cleaning needs when selecting sweepers. Read more about outdoor sweeper used in artificial surfaces here https://kerstenuk.com/blog/Maintaining%20Artificial%20Surfaces/maintaining-synthetic-sports-surfaces-with-kersten-sweepers

The detritus buildup on the hard surfaces would block up the drainage, leading to water accumulated on the surface. To minimise soil build up, we suggest implementing a preventive maintenance regimen, including regular sweeping, tree trimming, grass cutting, and integrating blowers into the maintenance routine. This minimises the soil build up while mitigating the need for extensive remedial work.

Outdoor sweeping significantly contributes to safety by addressing surface compaction and enhancing drainage performance. Regular sweeping, particularly on block paving, effectively removes moss and detritus, thereby improving drainage and reducing the likelihood of moss and algae growth and slippery surfaces. This minimises trip hazards and ensures clear pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.

Furthermore, the use of outdoor sweepers minimises reliance on water and chemical cleaners, thereby reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability. Additionally, by preventing debris from entering stormwater systems, sweepers help minimise pollution and preserve water quality.

Regular grooming, infill redistribution, and inspection for damage are essential maintenance tasks for preserving the appearance and performance of artificial surfaces. The grass pile and surface infill get heavy traffic when the surface is in use. This results in the pile being trodden and the infill compacting between the strands. Over time the compaction will lead to drainage problems and the site would be flooded. The surface will also become hard and uneven; making it less enjoyable to play on.

Matting and compaction on artificial surfaces occur due to heavy use and environmental factors, causing the synthetic fibres to flatten and become compacted over time. To prevent matting and compaction on artificial surfaces, regular brushing and grooming are essential. This helps redistribute infill and lift fibres, maintaining a resilient and natural-looking surface. Our static brushes effectively remove fine particles and debris without water or chemicals, minimising environmental impact. Additionally, employing wide or drag brushes helps stand up the grass pile and redistribute infill for a smooth surface. Find out more about the static brushes here https://kerstenuk.com/kersten-walk-behind-static-brushes

Yes, artificial static brushes can be used on a variety of surfaces besides synthetic turf, including artificial sports fields, playgrounds, and indoor turf installations. They are effective for removing debris, static buildup, and maintaining surface cleanliness on various artificial surfaces.

Leaf blowers offer faster and more efficient leaf and debris management compared to manual methods such as raking or sweeping. They save time and labour, cover large areas quickly, and provide thorough cleaning results on hard and artificial surfaces.

When using leaf blowers, it's important to consider noise pollution, air quality, and potential disturbance to wildlife and vegetation. The Kersten LBV 6900 M addresses these concerns effectively with its noise level below 84dB and features like inlet and outlet silencers. Its lightweight design and manoeuvrability minimise impact on surroundings, while its versatility and environmentally conscious features make it a sustainable choice for leaf clearing in various settings. Find out more about the leaf and debris blowers here https://kerstenuk.com/kersten-wholegoods/leaf-blower-lbv-6900-mechanical-without-bracket-tbp76

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