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WeedGo Overview

Transform Your Brushcutter and Take On Moss and Weeds in Unreachable Spaces with WeedGo!

Are moss and weeds taking over the hard surfaces around your street furniture or tight spaces that larger machines can't access? Look no further than WeedGo! - the perfect solution to keep those areas pristine and weed-free!

Introducing WeedGo! - the innovative weedbrush kit designed to attach directly to your brushcutter or strimmer, turning it into a powerful moss and weed clearing tool. Our specialized kit excels in smaller areas and around tricky obstacles like benches or railings, where conventional weedbrushes fall short.

Key Benefits of WeedGo!:

Master Moss and Weeds:

Conquer stubborn moss and weeds with ease! WeedGo! ensures no moss or weed stands a chance, allowing you to maintain clean and tidy hard surfaces like tarmac or block paving.

Reach the Unreachable:

Don't let street furniture hinder your weed-clearing efforts. WeedGo! enables you to access tight spaces and navigate around obstacles that other machines simply can't reach.

Portable and Convenient:

Carry WeedGo! as an extra tool with your brushcutter without any fuss. Its compact design takes up minimal space, making it incredibly easy to handle in any situation.

Versatile Compatibility:

WeedGo! is compatible with most major brands of brushcutters and strimmers from 1.36hp+. Whether you use popular Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo models, or others, WeedGo! seamlessly integrates with your equipment.

Effortless Operation, Enhanced Safety:

Operating the weedbrush is a breeze, but safety is our top priority. Always use WeedGo! in conjunction with a harness, guard, and other necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for a secure and worry-free experience.

Unlock the potential of your brushcutter and reclaim the beauty of your surroundings with WeedGo! Clear moss and weeds in the most challenging areas, bringing life back to neglected spaces.

Don't let moss and weeds dictate where you can clean. Upgrade your brushcutter or strimmer with WeedGo! and take back control of your outdoor spaces today!

Weedgo! Products - For trimmers with at least 1.36 hp (1.0 kW) and max. 2.7 hp (2.0 kW).

Tool free installation, two replaceable brushes best for small area weed and moss clearing

Weedgo! QuickPro products - For trimmers from 2.5 hp (1.8 kW).

Tool free installation, three replaceable brushes best for small area weed and moss clearing


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