The top 3 reasons you need a leaf blower!

Whether you have an existing Kersten power unit or are looking for an attachment for ATV, compact tractor or another vehicle.

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Clearing autumn leaves

As we approach Autumn here at Kersten UK, we felt that it was important to point out the top 3 reasons why you should be clearing up leaves around your site, home or business. Councils such as the City of Westminster and site management companies across the country clear thousands of tonnes of leaves for good reason, and here's why!

Slip Hazards

The number one reason for councils removing leaves is that they create slip hazards for cars, cyclists and pedestrians. As leaves decay and the organic compounds breakdown they become slimey and eventually turn to soil (more on that later). Because of this, leaf build up at junctions can make it difficult for cars to safely enter and exit areas of towns, villages and cities as well as making it tricky to navigate hills. With the weather also getting worse at this time of year you often find that leaves will be blown into catchment areas like kerbs which can cause the same issues for cyclists and pedestrians.

Keeping Your Drains Flowing

Reason number 2 - drainage. Leaves are a nightmare for site managers as they block drains which can lead to a whole host of issues such as the flooding of buildings, rights of way and access points. Removing a build up of autumn leaves can keep sites running as the weather deteriorates. This is also a concern for local councils and schools - in particular playgrounds.

Integrated Weed Management

The third issue with a build up of leaves is, left unattended, they will breakdown creating the perfect breeding ground for weeds in the spring. A damp, soil like area around kerbs, in drains and behind buildings creates an environment that weeds will flourish in as the temperature increases and we see a bit more sunlight. It will also provide a catchment area for seeds from existing weeds to be trapped and grow. On top of that, it will also create potential nesting sites for insects and small rodents which come with a whole host of their own problems.

What Can Kersten UK Do To Help?

We have a range of products to assist with clearing leaves and other debris. Our leaf blowers are able to be fitted to a range of vehicles including tractors, compact tractors, ride on mowers, ATVs and even our UBS power units. In addition to that, our sweeper brushes and collection boxes are the perfect combo to get rid of the leaf piles once they have been blown into one place. You can see a list of our leaf blowing products such as the LBV 3300 and LBV 4300 by visiting the all products page on our website.

Where Can I See Them In Action?

Videos of our leaf blowers, sweepers and collection boxes are available over at our Kersten UK YouTube channel. You can see the leaf blowers in action by clicking here.

You can browse our full range of Kersten UK leaf blowers by clicking here.

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