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Ripagreen Thermal Weed Control Overview

The new generation of professional thermic hot air blowers has been invented by RIPAGREEN®. Its process forces high velocity hot air over the leaf of a plant.

This hot air instantly causes a thermal shock that breaks the chlorophyll producing part of the plant, the process of photosynthesis is prevented. The plant then dries naturally with a visible result after a few hours.

To effectively weed with RIPAGREEN®, it is not necessary to burn the plant, but only give it a "hot shot" (about 80 ° in the thickness of the leaf). The action is immediate, bringing a saving of time and consequent energy. The "reserves" in its roots of the plant will determine how effective the treatment is. This treatment is therefore more effective on plants at seedling / young shoot stage. With a regular frequency of passage, the plant will be weakened until it is exhausted

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ripagreen uses hot air to kill weeds. When a plant is exposed to temperatures of more than about 76 degrees, the chloroplasts (the cells in the leaf that carry out photosynthesis) will burst or congeal. By destroying these cells, the plant is unable to convert light into energy. It therefore starves the plant, which dies within 72 hours. You will usually start to see the effects of the heat treatment within a few minutes.

The Ripagreen kits can be supplied with a back pack system, making them just as portable as a knapsack sprayer. The backpacks are more comfortable and lighter than most knapsacks at around 14kg, with support for the lance and a patented back pillow that can be pumped up for additional support.

The ripagreen uses 94% air mixed with only 6% propane gas. This makes it very efficient, so bottles have to be changed less frequently than you would need to top up with herbicide.

Because of the nature of hot air, there is no drift or risk of run off. It is effective in the wet or dry, so this makes it a much more versatile option for use in all weather conditions.

There are two typical sizes of gas bottle for the Ripagreen. The easy kit uses a 13kg bottle and the mobility kit uses a 5.5kg bottle of gas. You can get these bottles from your local calor or flogas stockists.

The ripagreen uses a regulator to adjust gas consumption. On a low setting the gas is used at approximately 2.9 KG per hour. So this will last about 2 hours of trigger time in the smaller bottle and 4 - 5 hours using the larger bottle.

The machine only uses gas when the trigger is pulled, which means that gas is not consumed when it is not pointed at a weed. In typical conditions this means that a bottle will realistically last much longer than the times stated above.

The short answer is yes. The ripagreen system is extremely efficient compared to other systems on the market. The ripagreen uses 96% air and only 6% propane gas. Some other weed burners require a pilot flame to be lit all the time, which wastes alot of gas. The ripagreen uses gas only on demand when the trigger is pulled.

Propane is also an efficient gas to burn, producing mainly water vapour and small amounts of Co2 as a biproduct when burned properly.

This makes it very clean compared to products that burn petrol or deisel in order to operate, and makes it safe to use in many areas where herbicides such as glyphosate are unsuitable.

The Ripagreen uses hot air to kill plants. This method is suitable to use in a much wider variety of weather than many other systems.

The hot air is not affected by drift in the same way chemicals are, so the Ripagreen can be used in moderately windy conditions, provided the flame can be safely controlled.

The Ripagreen is just as effective at killing the plant in the rain, as moisture is a good conductor of heat. The ripagreen operates at temperatures of between 400 - 600 degrees celsius, so it is not largely affected by cold or wet weather.

This makes is a reliable tool for year - round use.

Care should be taken on very hot and dry days, as the heat can cause very dry maerial to catch fire. It is good practice to carry a fire extinguisher when using the Ripagreen and other flame or heat based weed control products.

The gas bottles for the Ripagreen system are commonly available from local gas stokists of Calor or flogas. The gas used is Propane gas commonly used for BBQ's and other heating. We like these new Gaslight cylider from Flogas becase they are much lighter to carry than their steel equivilent. Check them out here

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