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Lehner Polaro Spreaders

LEHNER is a pioneer of 12 volt winter technology and, with its innovative POLARO ® series, has high-performance spreaders for professional winter service in its range. They can be operated with any vehicle that is supplied with 12 volts - without special vehicles, cardan shafts or other auxiliary drives. The low power requirements and advanced technology truly set it apart from other spreaders in the marketplace.

Whether your choice is for an ATV (All-terrain Vehicle), a Quad, a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle), or a 4x4, or larger van or pickup, Lehner have the Spreader for you. Our spreaders are the perfect solution to controlling snow and ice, while maintaining carparks and roadways.

Our Lehner Winter Maintenance Equipment

Polaro - Tailgate Spreaders

Polaro E - Tailgate Spreaders

Polaro L/XL - Inbody Spreaders


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