SWEEPING hard surfaces as an effective weed control solution.

Sweeping a surface can be used as part of an effective preventative weed control strategy by interfering with the growth cycle of plants in

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Here is just some ways sweeping is an effective weed control measure.

  1. Removes detritus from a surface. This detritus stores water and nutrients on and in the surface. The use of a sweeper which can penetrate joints and cracks deprives plants of the required growing conditions. It is important to collect the material to prevent re-contamination.
  2. Sweeping can remove the layer of silt which covers the top of the sand filled joint used for drainage. If this silt is not removed the sand drainage system which is fundamental to the design of block paving becomes blocked and ineffective leaving the surface damp with ideal conditions for plant growth.
  3. The sweeping process can damage the leaf of the plant reducing its ability to photosynthesise.
  4. The sweeping process can remove reproductive parts of the plant. It is important these "arisings" are collected and disposed of carefully (composting?) to prevent contamination of the site or other areas.
  5. In certain conditions sweeping can remove the whole plant with root.

Hand Sweeping with a broom to remove moss, detritus and weed seeds.

Hand sweeping decomposing detritus and moss from a sand filled-jointed concrete block paving

Sweeping machines can be viewed as mechanised hand brooms. They generally consist of a horizontally mounted cylindrical powered set of bristles.

Kersten can provide sweeping machines from 75cm up to 300cm.

find more details about Kersten sweepers here. https://kerstenuk.com/-sweeper
But don't just take our word for it. Look what local authorities have to say about using sweeping as a weed control measure.

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