Use your machine for winter maintenance

Use your machine for winter maintenance!

The great thing about a multi-attachment machine is that it can be utilised all year round.
The Kersten two-wheel tractors can be fitted with snow chains and winter attachments to transform your machine into the ultimate winter companion for paths and car parks. The hydraulic drive is extremely useful for slowing the wheel speed to avoid slipping on the icy surface when using the winter attachments.
The snow sweeper - For light snow fall, the sweeper is a perfect tool and clears access paths quickly. The sweeper will deal with up to 5cm of snow quite easily by angling the brush and wind-rowing it. The gaps in the rows of bristles allow the sweeper to deal with the large volumes of material that need to be moved by the brush. When used on fresh snow the brush can sweep down to the surface dries quickly is therefore less likely to be slippery.
The snow plough - A snow plough attachment can be fitted to the K-series or UBS for dealing with heavier snow drifts. The snow plough is a straight blade with a sprung “break-back” system that allows it to ride over obstacles such as drain covers or speed bumps. The plough can be positioned for ploughing forward or can be angled to the left and right.
The salt spreader - A hydraulic drive salt spreader is available for the K-series machines, which can carry up to 70 litres of salt. The spreader is fitted with a mesh for breaking up large clumps of salt before they go through the machine. A special agitator has been designed to deal with damp salt, using a chain to break up the material. Guards allow the spread width to be adjusted to suit the application.
The snow blower – For deeper drifts of snow the UBS machines can be fitted with a snowblower. This uses a two-stage tooth and fan system to break up the snow and then pull it through the machine. The snow is then blown through a chute by the fan, the chute can be adjusted to place the snow in the desired direction. A snow blower requires at least a few inches of snow before it will work effectively.

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Ploughing with a Utility Vehicle

Product focus - The PathPro plough for UTV's

The PathPro has been designed specifically for utility vehicles with a 2" receiver.  It has been designed along the principles of the classic Meyer highway ploughs, which ensures it moves snow quickly and easily.

The Meyer PathPro is not "just another Plough.  It has many features that really make it stand out as the best commercial UTV blade on the market.

Patented self-angling

  • Self Angling automatically positions the plough to optimize performance
  • Self Angling allows the operator to keep eyes on the road and providing safer operation
  • Self Angling is quicker and faster than traditional lock-out mechanisms
  • Attaches or detaches in well under a minute
  • No need to leave the vehicle to angle the plough
  • Push button control
  • Patent Pending blade Design (Scoop & Funnel)

Two systems, one unit

    Meyer's PathPro has five position
    Meyer's PathPro has five position
    Lock-n-Go feature
  • Self Angling automatically positions the plough to optimize performance
  • Five position Lock-n-Go allows you to angle the moldboard in five fixed positions as needed

Scoop & Funnel

The height and attack angle of the moldboard provides optimum funnel action discharging snow faster and more efficiently.
The height and attack angle of the moldboard provides optimum funnel action discharging snow faster and more efficiently.
Dual flared wing moldboard design coupled with the 65º attack angle provides the Scoop & Funnel discharge action.

The height and attack angle of the moldboard provides optimum funnel action discharging snow faster and more efficiently.

Universal mounting system

The Mounting system for the UTV Plough allows you to connect straight into the 2" receiver, which is common on all many types of UTV from John Deere, Kubota, Kawasaki and Kioti.  The height is adjustable to suit different vehichles, and 3 choices of lift are available;  Hydraulic, Electric winch or Manual winch to suit the vehicle.

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Kersten working with F G Adamson at the Driffied show

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July 2018

Kersten working with F G Adamson at the Driffield show.

Driffield show starts early and is busy from the start, by 9.15 there were serious hire enquiries for the weedbrush and sweeper to clean block paving. The public only thinks of pressure washers and was very pleasantly surprised to find a chemical free way to clear moss and weeds from their properties. Watching people walk by the Kersten Weedo then touch and enquire was great, as they are seeing something new. A quick chat gave them the help and information they needed, all happy and now with new information on block paving drive maintenance. Educating the public who had real concerns on what to a Kersten knowledge empowered person is a simple job.

Putting back kerb appeal is what we are are about in simple terms, making properties look good.

Come 5.15pm the public were going home as you suddenly realised the day was nearly over, now wait till the 6 pm close, derig and off site by 7.30pm, a full 12-hour day.

Kersten working with F G Adamson at the Driffied show

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Driffield Fitting a Meyer PathPro 1 – 2018 FG Adamson

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July 2018

Kersten Driffield Fitting a Meyer PathPro 1 - 2018 FG Adamson

Fitting a Meyer PathPro 1.8m auto angling snow plough John Deere Gator an easy job. When we arrive with a dealer to a show site the UTV will be onsite and 30seconds later the display is enhanced by the bright and bold Meyer Snowplough.

Showing our plough fitted to a Gator, this gives potential customers’ information that their four wheeler can be used for something else other than transport.

No modifications to the Gator required, just slide the plough bracket into the 2” front receiver, all held in by 1 pin, using the hand winch to lift the plough is simple and cost effective.

Meyer ploughs are designed so that if the blade is at right angles to the Gator the snow will come out or both sides at the same time, a very clever.

Another Meyer feature of the Pathpro plough is AUTO angling, the plough automatically will plough either left or right depending where the snows has resistance.

If you need to plough to right or left then just pin the plough as required.

Finally back to the saying from the Ronseal advert: “ it does what it says on the tin”

John Deere XUV855M

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