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Industrial Forklift Attachments

An Industrial Forklift is common tool carrier in transport yards and in construction. Mud on the road is also a common problem in these environments, so the sweeper seems like a perfect match for your forklift. Kersten have developed a range of attachments that fit to the forklift tines. They are designed to be run with hydraulic drive. These machines are all built fit over the tines and float, in order to protect the attachment and the forklift from damage due to the size of the tool carrier. These attachments are built to last and they are all backed up with our commercial 2 year warranty. All this translates into a product range that you can be confident will work hard and deliver great results for many years.

Industrial Forklift Attachments

Forklift Sweepers 30-80HP

Forklift Sweepers 60-150HP

Front Loader Mounted Sweepers 50-70HP

Loader Mounted Weed Brush 45HP+

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Case Study; Forklift Mounted Sweeper with Hydraulic Drive

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