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We're always recommending regular maintenance to reduce moss and weeds building up and causing damage. We suggest that you should be proactive not reactive.

One of our customers requests a visit from us on an annual basis during the spring, to bring his tennis court back to a nice clean playable surface ready for the season ahead. The court suffers from moss and debris from trees and bushes that are in close proximity to the court giving the moss plenty to feed on.

We used our new De-Moss 90, a Weedo as well as our standard 1m sweeper with collector box on a K2100. The De-Moss 90 worked brilliantly on the moss covered edges, any deeper moss was removed using the Weedo. All the debris was moved into the centre which was then collected by the K2100 sweeper with collector box, then a final sweep to finish off.

The tennis court was left moss and dirt free. By using each machine in an order that best suited this job the whole task was completed in approximately 2 and half hours with 2 personnel.





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Kersten Weedo - Cleaning Artificial cricket wicket nets

Kersten Weedo - Cleaning Artificial cricket wicket nets

The Weedo is a dedicated machine for moss and weed removal. This video shows the Kersten Weedo cleaning a build up of detritus which has built up after many years of poor maintenance.
The advanced hydraulic drive wire brush efficiently removes the offending weeds and the detritus it grows in from the surface. The implement can be adjusted in any direction to allow easy cleaning of undulating surfaces.
The position of the head allows easy removal of weeds around buildings or along kerb edges and a mix of brushes give a clean finish.

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