Kersten Weedbrush 40cm for K820/K820 Pro

Kersten Weedbrush 40cm for K820/K820 Pro

Item Code: WKB-H-K35-820

Kersten WKB-H-K35-820 - 40cm WeedBrush with K820 / K 820 Pro

For moss and weed removal and path edging. 40cm rotary wire brush with hydraulic drive. Fully adjustable for height, angling, and penetration. Eight replaceable standard wire VersaBrushes. Ideal for block paving. Kersten Quick-Attach35 system. 42kg.

Power Unit K820
Power Unit K820 Pro
Accessories - Weedbrush
Consumables - Weedbrush WKB-H-K35-820
Instruction Manual - Weedbrush WKB-H-K35-820 Spare Parts List - Weedbrush WKB-H-K35-820 Video Weedbrush K820/K820Pro

£ 1,950.00 (£ 1,950.00 / Piece)

Weedbrush None
Hydraulically driven
Adjustable in 2 levels
Built-in jockey wheel
Height-adjustable splash guard
Load weight