Winter maintenance

Winter's arrival brings challenges to outdoor spaces, including the hazardous accumulation of snow and ice on walkways and structures, risking safety for pedestrians and vehicles. Slippery surfaces compound the danger, posing significant safety concerns for both pedestrians and vehicles. Additionally, the weight of snow and ice jeopardizes the health and aesthetics of landscaping elements, impacting the overall appeal of streets.

Proactive and prompt removal, along with targeted solutions, are essential for effective winter management. Our expert solutions prioritize safety and aesthetics, ensuring a secure and visually pleasing outdoor environment during the winter months.

1. Snow ploughs

2. Salt spreaders

3. Snow blowers

4. Snow sweepers

Explore our expert solutions for effective winter maintenance and a secure, visually pleasing outdoor environment.


Snow ploughs

Our snow ploughs range from pedestrian to tractor-mounted options to efficiently clear snow from roadways and parking lots.


Salt spreaders

Our salt spreader efficiently disperses de-icing agents, melting ice to prevent slippery surfaces.


Snow blowers

Using snow blowers to remove snow from the road quickly and effectively.


Snow sweepers

Using snow sweepers efficiently clears and cleans large outdoor areas, ensuring both accessibility and aesthetics are maintained.

Frequently asked questions

Employing a systematic and well-planned route for snow ploughs optimises efficiency in clearing roadways. This approach minimises operational time and resources, ensuring a swift and thorough removal process. It's also really handy to plan out before hand where all the snow will be pushed to, what obstacles might make plaoughing tricky, or become difficult to see when covered in a layer of snow.
Hazards can be identified using upright markers, so that drivers can remain aware of them even when covered.
Prevention always makes the job easier - using salt or another de-icing material over key spots when the temperature is likely to fall into the zone for snow will make it much more difficult for the snow to land, and prevent ice forming.

The Kersten snow ploughs are built with a steep attack angle, to ensure effective clearance of different types of snow and the curve allows it to roll off the blade easily. The blade's trip springs can be adjusted to move heavier loads before tipping forwards. When the snow gets too much for a snow plough, you could use a snow blower to deal with a much heavier snow fall. However, snow blowers require at least a few inches of snow to work effectively, otherwise there will not be enough volume for the machine to throw.

Our Lehner salt spreader effectively addresses the question by detailing its capabilities in the distribution of de-icing agents to prevent ice formation and enhance safety on roads and pathways. These spreaders operate efficiently with any vehicle equipped with 12 volts, eliminating the necessity for special vehicles, PTO shafts, or other auxiliary drives. The exceptional combination of low power requirements and advanced technology sets our spreaders apart. Moreover, the salt spreader's precise control enables the creation of a specific spreading width, reducing the amount of salt used in comparison to other spreaders.

Utilising eco-friendly de-icing agents, such as salt, in salt spreaders minimises environmental impacts while effectively melting ice and preventing refreezing. Furthermore, the inclusion of sand enhances street safety by providing traction underfoot for pedestrians and vehicles. This approach ensures a balance between effective winter maintenance and environmental considerations.

Eco-friendly snow management involves using environmentally safe deicing agents in a salt spreader, considering their impact on vegetation, water bodies, and overall ecological balance. But it doesn't end there, it's important to consider the impact of a spreader on your vehicle. Our Lehner salt spreaders only draw about 30% of the current required for other spreaders on the market. This huge advantage means they are a perfect partnere for electric trucks and utility vehicles, as they won't deplete the battery so fast as other types electric spreader. The Lehner spreaders are also one of the most reliable pieces of winter maintenance equipment on the market, greatly reducing the impact of needing to ship so many spare parts.

To choose the right snow blower, assess your needs such as working width, snowfall frequency, property size, and the type of tractor or loader you own. Cerruti snow blowers have two types: mechanical drive and hydraulic drive snow blowers for different needs. Mechanically driven models offer versatility, while hydraulic drive options provide power and efficiency for large-scale projects.

Yes, two-stage snow blowers are designed to handle wet and heavy snow. For example our Cerruti basic is a formidable two-stage snow blower suitable for small tractors and lawn mowers. It effectively breaks up the snow and pulls it through the machine. The propelled snow is then directed through an adjustable chute, providing control over the discharge direction.

You can find out more about the Cerruti range in here:

A snow sweeper is best suited for scenarios with light snowfall, specifically up to 5 cm. In these conditions, the sweeper efficiently clears access paths by angling the brush and wind-rowing the snow. The gaps in the bristle rows enable effective movement of larger volumes of material. Additionally, when used on fresh snow, the brush sweeps down to the surface, ensuring quick drying and reducing the likelihood of slipperiness.

Sweepers are ideal for surfaces where a snow blade might be too harsh. Specifically designed for versatility, many snow sweepers effectively clear snow on uneven surfaces like gravel driveways, preserving the underlying structure while efficiently removing snow.

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