Prepare Your Site for Winter

With the leaves now falling off the trees and the mercury dropping, it can mean only one thing... Winter is coming.

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One of the great features of owning a multi-attachment Kersten UK product is that it can be used year round.

Our Kersten two wheel tractors can be fitted with snow chains and winter attachments to transform your machine into the ultimate winter solution to clearing pavements, car parks and access roads. The hydraulic drive can be especially handy for reducing wheels speed meaning increased traction and a more effective tool for clearing snow.

Snow Sweeper
For light snowfall, sleet, melting snow and slush our sweeper brush is the perfect tool to clear paths quickly. The brush can deal with up to 5cm of snow easily by angling the brush and moving it to one side. When used on fresh snow the brush can easily clear down to the original surface meaning that it's less likely to become a slip hazard as the snow begins to melt.

Snow Plough
As well as being the official UK distributor for Meyer ploughs and spreaders, we also supply Kersten ploughs which can be fitted to our K-Series and UBS-Series machines to deal with heavier snow drifts. The plough is a straight blade with a sprung 'break-back' system that allows it to easily deal with obstacles such as drain covers and speed bumps. The plough can be positioned for ploughing straight ahead or can be angled left or right.

Salt Spreader
If you own a K-Series machine we are able to supply a hydraulic drive salt spreader which has a 70 litre carrying capacity. The spreader contains mesh to break down the salt into smaller particles before being spread on the surface. For this product we have also designed a unique agitator to deal with damp salt, using a chain to further break up the material - this is great if you aren't going to be using the spreader on a daily basis and can be stored without worrying about jamming the mechanism with salt. Guards allow the distribution and spread to be adjusted to suit.

Snow Blower
For deeper drifts of snow the UBS machines can be fitted with a snowblower. This uses a two-stage tooth and fan system to break up the snow and then pull it through the machine. The snow is then blown through a chute by the fan, the chute can be adjusted to place the snow in the desired direction. A snow blower requires at least a few inches of snow before it will work effectively.

To find out more about the winter and snow maintenance products we have on offer, click here.

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