Hycut Remote Controlled Mower on steep Bank
Hycut - Hybrid Remote Control Mower

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£ 43,500.00 GBP (£ 43,500.00 / Piece)

The Hycut is a new Remote Control Mower with true hybrid drive. This machine is for contractors and councils looking to safely cut vegetation on steep slopes and uneven terrain, without putting the operator at risk.

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Product Overview

The HyCut Mower is a true hybrid machine. 3 independent electric motors power both the tracks and the cutting deck. These motors are powered directly from the 48v battery bank. The batteries are in turn charged by the on board petrol driven generator. The intelligent motors act in tandem, slowing down the tracks if necessary to allow the blades to work through denser vegetation. This not only gives a more consistent cut, but also saves a lot of fuel. The machine can travel up to 200 meters without needing charging input from the engine.

The mower deck can cut material in both directions, allowing for minimal turning on slopes, preventing the grass from being churned up by the tracks. The innovative 4 blade rotor design cuts and mulches the material with minimum power requirement.

The radio control is extremely intuitive, with incredibly fast machine response and easy to use, with a range of up to 300m and control over function sensitivity.

The machine can handle slopes of up to 55 degrees, without putting the operator at risk. If you are looking for a mower that will give a great finish, with low running costs and exceptional terrain handling capabilities, then this is the mower for you!

  • 23HP Briggs Vanguard petrol engine
  • 55mm - 180mm cutting height
  • 630kg weight
  • 1150mm cutting width
  • 0-6km/h speed
  • Max angle 55 degrees
  • 150mm wide tracks
  • 2 x 3kw brushless and sealed motors with air cooled planetary gear traction drives
  • 1 x 10kw brushless and sealed blade motor with soft start
  • Emergency stop on machine and controls
  • 53dB (electric drive) - 78.6dB (hybrid drive)
  • electric start - manual backup
  • Removable 25litre marine style fuel tank (up to 10 hours run time.)
  • 4 Work lights with machine state signalling
  • operator presence control
  • transport lashing loops
  • 2 layer Telematic data system with browser reporting (optional licence required)
  • Din Plate attachment system front and rear
  • Fully enclosed engine and battery bay with telescopic hinged panels
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty

20200910_100126.md.jpg 20200910_100858.md.jpg 20200910_102047.md.jpg 20200910_133613.md.jpg 20200910_134255.md.jpg hybrid-mower-cutting-grass.md.jpg Kersten-Hycut-hybrid-mower--under-the-bonnet.md.jpg Kersten-Hycut-hybrid-mower-48v-battery-pack-protection.md.jpg Kersten-Hycut-hybrid-mower-control-diagram.md.jpg Kersten-Hycut-hybrid-mower-cutting-grass-on-a-steep-bank-besides-rail-track.md.jpg Hycut-demo-tour-CF-13.md.jpg Hycut-Banner.md.jpg Hycut-demo-tour-CF-4.md.jpg Hycut-15.md.jpg IMG_6490.md.jpg

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Bank Mowing

Our remote control mower has a very low centre of gravity, allowing it to be used on slopes up to 55 degrees. The motors compensate for extra power requirements due to roll on the left or right, allowing the machine to remain aligned on the bank. The self locking planetary gears provide a genuine brake on the slope if the controls are released. Our two mulching blades are able to cut grass in either direction, so as you get to the end of a row, there is no need to churn up the bank, simply adjust the angle slightly and mow in the other direction. This protects the environment and also makes mowing safer on steep slopes.

More on Bank Mowing

Design Features

True Hybrid Battery Drive

Dual layer Telematic System with User interface

Identification Lights

Removable Fuel Tank

Transport Loops

Engine protection

All-Terrain Tracks

55o Slopes

Remote Control - 300m

Printed Information

All Instruction and Parts Manuals

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“We could be spending up to 20 hours a week removing moss and dirt from the pedestrian areas," explained John, "and it seemed nothing we did made much difference." "I was so impressed, I needed the machine there and then.”
John at Tyne Valley Garden Centre


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