Kersten HyCut Battery Hybrid Mower User Interface

Want to know where your mower has been today, what it has done and its service state?

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Enter, from stage left, Telematics. The technology of sending, receiving and storing information using telecommunication devices to control remote objects.

The Kersten Hycut mower uses a CANbus system to function. The information used by the system is recorded and when the mower has a mobile data connection, it stores it in a database via the cloud.

The Kersten HyCut mower features a dual layer Telematic system.

Do we need a dual layer Telematic system on a mower I hear you ask? Surely its just a gimmick? Well before I answer that lets see what it looks like....

Layer one - Customer Portal

A customer portal with a user name a password may be found on any computer via your favourite browser.

The first welcome page simply lists all Kersten Hycut mowers which are allocated to your account.

By selecting a machine you wish to look at you will be presented with the screen below.

This screen provides you with some basic current information from when the mower was last seen.

This information includes current or last known location, machine serial number, working hours completed, machine state, battery condition etc.

Also listed here will be any fault codes which may be currently present on the mower self diagnosis system. These fault codes may be assessed against fault code information provided by the manufacturer to establish their severity and what remedial action may be required.

To view more information we can select "Day Report".

The next screen is a reporting system which displays historical information from the database.

You may select any day from the current day back to the day the machine left the factory assembly line.

This selected report provides further information about the mowers activities on that day.

The map image generated from the built in GPS tracking device shows where the mower has been working including the route it took whilst mowing.

The lower graph displays the inclines which the mower has encountered during the selected period. The red line represents the pitch and the black line represents the roll. The scales are time and positive and negative angle.

Above the map 4 lines describe;

  1. Confirmation of the mower name
  2. An estimated area the mower has covered in the day
  3. An estimated distance the tracks have covered in the day
  4. Time mower has been operating for the day

Layer 2 - Service Portal

The second layer allows the manufacturer to access additional data from the machine and database.

Over 200 lines of data are being recorded when the HyCut mower is operating. A unique feature of this true battery hybrid mower is that all the systems are electrically powered and controlled by the CANbus system. This same system also allows all the components like motors, motor controllers, relays, batteries, engine and generator to be monitored. Data such as speed, temperature and power requirement are measured and recorded and saved in the database.

Using this information Kersten engineers have been able to develop this advanced mower with a built in reliability which is unrivalled in this type of machine. If a fault does occur it can be diagnosed by the manufacturer almost immediately and a solution found. Comparing the the data from all machines operating in the field all over Europe , unexpected values can quickly be identified. The local dealer can be advised and visit the machine to make any service remedies which may be required. It is also possible to apply software updates remotely.


Far from being just a gimmick the dual level Telematic system is key to the HyCut mower making it one of the safest, most efficient, reliable and easiest to operate remote controlled mowers on the market today. Managers and operators are able to plot the safest and most effective mowing routes, being precisely aware of the terrain which the mower is working on and the areas covered.

Further details about the HyCut battery hybrid remote control mower may be found here...

Call 01189869253 for a demonstration or contact you local dealer.

Chris Faulkner

Chris is Managing Director of Kersten UK Ltd Interested in weed control solutions and machinery

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