Grass Cutting and Vegetation Management

Grass cutting and vegetation management play a vital role in ensuring the health, beauty, and safety of outdoor spaces. Maintaining well-trimmed grass not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also minimizes safety risks associated with overgrowth, improving visibility for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. Despite these benefits, ground care professionals must navigate various challenges during maintenance, such as operating heavy machinery on steep slopes, managing labor and equipment expenses, and ensuring meticulous equipment maintenance and repair.
At Kersten UK, we understand these challenges and offer a comprehensive range of grass cutting and vegetation management equipment to alleviate your concerns. With our reliable tools, you can confidently tackle any maintenance task without compromising on quality or efficiency.
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Grass cutting and vegetation management


Grass cutting and vegetation management

Effectively manage vegetation with our range of mowers, offering both manual and remote operation capabilities to ensure optimal efficiency and adaptability across various situations.

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Grass surfaces, found in areas with high pedestrian traffic like gardens, sports pitches, and parks, must meet essential performance criteria. These include providing an even surface for players, ensuring grip, quick drainage, offering a soft landing, and visually appealing.

The main issues affecting grass surfaces are compaction, detritus build up, surface displacement, and ongoing grass growth. These problems hinder proper drainage, lead to uneven surfaces, and require consistent maintenance to prevent deterioration.

Remote mowers are typically employed in situations where there's a need to manage vegetation in challenging or hazardous environments, such as steep slopes, banks, or areas with potential safety risks. By allowing operators to control the mower from a safe distance, remote mowers significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Our HyCut is an electric remote control mower that could be operated up to a 55 degrees steep slope. The dual cut mowing technology efficiently handles organic material up to 50mm diameter while providing seamless remote operation for enhanced productivity and reliability. Cooperating with Simple Control Interface for intuitive operation, these mowers optimise productivity, ease of use, and safety, making them indispensable assets in ground maintenance. Find out more about Hycut here:

Flail mowers, like the Rough Cutter RCH 1680 G, offer distinct advantages compared to remote mowers. While remote mowers excel in larger, rugged terrains, flail mowers are ideal for heavy-duty cutting tasks in various environments. The Rough Cutter boasts features such as low vibration and noise levels, ensuring superb operator comfort during operation. Its hydraulic drive and infinitely variable speed control allow for effortless fingertip control, while adjustable handlebars further enhance operator comfort. With the ability to cut grass and dense vegetation up to 50mm in diameter, the Rough Cutter offers versatility in tackling different types of vegetation. Additionally, its integrated differential lock and puncture-proof front wheels ensure excellent traction and reliability, even on challenging terrain and slopes up to 30 degrees. Furthermore, the option for a full-width rear roller supports the mower and provides a traditional striped finish on finger grass, while preventing blade soil contact, preserving both the landscape and the mower.

Cylinder mowers offer several advantages for grass cutting, making them a preferred choice for professional groundskeepers and commercial mowing applications. Their precise cutting action results in a clean, manicured appearance suitable for sports fields, golf courses, and formal landscapes. Moreover, A cylinder cut is better for the grass than a rotary mower, as it cuts the grass rather than tearing it, which puts less stress on the grass.

With the K2100 model, for instance, the cylinder mower attachment ensures a fantastic finish, cutting grass cleanly for quicker recovery and healthier turf. The low vibration and noise levels of our machines reduce operator stress during operation. Additionally, the compact design allows for easy manoeuvrability, enabling the mower to navigate through narrow access areas such as housing estates. The adjustable roller and cutting height options provide flexibility to achieve the desired grass length to be finely set between 13mm and 50mm, while the high clip rate ensures quality results even at higher forward speeds. With features like clean-cutting blades and efficient material flow, cylinder mowers ensure consistent performance and excellent turf quality. Find out more about the k2100 here:

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