Go Hybrid for the summer season with the HyCut Mower.

The HyCut Mower is a true hybrid machine with three independent electric motors that power both the tracks and the cutting deck.

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The HyCut Mower is the perfect hybrid machine for contractors and councils looking to safely cut vegetation on steep slopes (up to 55 degrees) and uneven terrain, without putting the operator at risk. The 48v battery bank directly powers both the tracks and cutting deck, with the batteries able to be charged by the on-board petrol driven generator.

The mower deck can cut materials in both directions, meaning you don’t need to turn the mower when on steep slopes. Not only is this efficient, but it prevents the grass from being churned up by the tracks. With a range of 300m, the radio control is extremely intuitive with an extremely fast machine response.

Design Features

True Hybrid Technology:

All loads exerted on the mower are met by the battery bank. The engine and generator simply maintains a very consistent charge rate to ensure the batteries are able to meet all demands.

  1. Fuel economy – the engine is not burdened with constantly changing loads. It has one job only, to charge the 48v battery bank. One tank of fuel will last all day, onsite refuelling is a thing of the past!
  2. Low maintenance – the CanBus system is programmed to reduce instances of overloading of any part of the drive train. Motors are engaged progressively resulting in significantly reduced wear to transmission systems.
  3. Ease of operation – the HyCut is very responsive, making it an easy machine to operate. The HyCut can even return to the operator using battery power alone.

Dual Cut Mowing Technology:

The HyCut features a dual swing tip mulching blade that cuts organic material up to 50mm diameter. Changing the blades is a simple one tool job due to the captive blade bolt design. Operators can remotely control the lift and lower mechanism of the strong steel mowing deck. The floating deck follows ground contours to reduce scalping.

  1. Productivity – the ability to mow in both the forwards and reverse directions eliminates the need to make turns at the ends of mowing lands. This not only saves time but also avoids making severe, turf damaging manoeuvres.
  2. Reliability – The CanBus system not only follows commands from the operator but also closely monitors the machine’s performance throughout. HyCut can conduct automated protection procedures if certain parameters are exceeded, without intervention from the operator.
  3. Ease of operation – the floating mower desk with simple remote height adjustment and the CanBus control allows the operator to simple drive the machine in the preferred direction.

Innovative Track Design:

HyCut features a design more commonly found in the construction machines market. 3 sprockets penetrate through the centre of the drive tracks providing 3 points of alignment. 5 track rollers support alignment and ensure maximum contact with the ground. The rubber track belt is under constant tension from spring adjusters.

  1. Reliability: the design means the tracks remain on the HyCut mower as much as possible. No other mower track system offers more alignment and support.
  2. Ease of operation: the included vehicle shift simply slots in to place and can jack up the side of a mower if a track is lost. The motors that drive the tracks are braked, providing added safety if the engine loses power on the slope and therefore preventing it from rolling down the incline. 
  3. Environment: The ground compaction of a tracked machine is considerably less than a wheeled unit, and combined with no need to turn the machine, surface damage is virtually eliminated.

Fully Connected Technology:

The HyCut conducts self-diagnosis tests during operation, showing any fault codes on the remote should one be found. This is then shared with the database and service portals via a mobile data connection. The customer service portal may be accessed by operators and managers, and displays current and historic information such as location, working speed, working incline, and machine hours.

  1. Reliability: real-time monitoring enables issues to be detected immediately, enabling them to be rectified before mechanical breakdown. The service portal provides data 24/7 and allows software updates to be remotely installed should they be required.
  2. Less Down Time: small problems identified by the self-diagnosis system can usually be remedied on site by the operator in minutes. Early identification of these issues prevents more serious issues and therefore results in less down time.
  3. Transparency: accurate metrics regarding the position and working angle creates work efficiencies and enables the work completion to be demonstrated to customers.

Simple Control Interface:

The hybrid battery technology provides power to carry out any instructions provided by the operator, without delay, using the remote control interface. Only two main controls are required to provide forwards/reverse and steering left/right. Other features of the remote control include the operator fall emergency stop, engine start, mower blades start, cruise control, straight line adjustment and height of cut.

  1. Productivity: the hybrid mower significantly reduces the time taken from unloading the HyCut to mowing. The machine doesn’t require warming up before use so valuable time is continuously saved with the HyCut – with a top mowing speed of 6km/h.
  2. Ease of operation: the two lever control interface is intuitive and similar to many games controls. HyCut has very low noise levels and a huge remote control operating range of 300m.
  3. Safety: through signalling information to the operator via the front and rear work lights together with the horn and beacon, the HyCut enables the operator to know if there are any issues even when positioned a fair distance from the machine.

If you are looking for a mower that will give a great finish, with low running costs and exceptional terrain handling capabilities, then the HyCut is the mower for you!

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