Wheelbarrow Noka 160 with puncture proof tyre extra wide
Noka Landscaping Wheelbarrow 160 Litres

Matador Wholegoods Item Code: MA14577

£ 495.00 GBP (£ 495.00 / Piece)

NOKA-160-CT AGRI wheelbarrow with extra wide puncture proof tyres Strong tray of Polypropylene tray 6.5mm.thick (160 Liters).

A stable aluminum frame of oval tube

Product Overview

The NOKA Landscapers Wheelbarrow 160L

NOKA-160-CT AGRI Wheelbarrow - Your Ultimate Landscaping Companion

Introducing the NOKA-160-CT AGRI wheelbarrow, the epitome of efficiency for all your landscaping needs. Designed to navigate narrow spaces with ease, this wheelbarrow boasts a narrow yet large capacity hopper, making it the ideal choice for carrying substantial loads effortlessly.

Key Features:

Effortless Mobility:

The NOKA-160-CT AGRI features extra-wide puncture-proof tires, ensuring stability and smooth movement even on challenging terrains. Maneuver through tight spots and narrow pathways effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

Feather-Light, Corrosion-Resistant Build:

Crafted with lightweight and sturdy aluminum tubing, this wheelbarrow feels feather-light in your hands while providing exceptional corrosion resistance and durability. It's built to withstand the toughest landscaping tasks.

Enhanced Tipping Protection:

The frame of the NOKA-160-CT AGRI extends around the front to the hopper, offering unparalleled protection during tipping. The rollover tube further enhances stability, making tipping safer and easier on your body.

Ergonomic Knuckle Protection:

Equipped with rubber ergonomic grips, this wheelbarrow ensures the safety of your knuckles. Say goodbye to scraping your knuckles on buildings, fences, or hedges during use, making your landscaping experience more comfortable and secure.

Why Choose the NOKA-160-CT AGRI Wheelbarrow?

The NOKA-160-CT AGRI wheelbarrow is a testament to quality and innovation. Its narrow design combined with a large capacity hopper enables efficient transport of substantial loads through tight spaces. Experience the perfect balance of lightweight handling and robust construction, all while ensuring maximum comfort and protection during use.

•Strong tray of Polypropylene 6,5mm thick. * Tray capacity 160 Liters. * Oval tube, lighter and stronger * Natural rubber ergonomic hand-shaped handles with knuckle protection. * Puncture proof PU-tyre (foamed Polyurethane). * Steel rim with high-quality double-sealed ball bearings

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