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Kersten Roughcutter Flail Mowers

The Roughcutter is the new generation of professional Flail Mowers for dense grass and vegetation mowing, combining power and simple controls for an effortless mowing experience.

The Roughcutter is built with the operator in mind, with adjustable vibration dampened handlebars for maximum comfort, Infinitely variable hydraulic drive and low noise. The height of cut can be easily adjusted in 4 positions to suit different areas of operation and the type of cut can be changed, with different blades available for rough cutting and fine grass cutting.

The Roughcutter is built for heavy commercial use, with models for narrow access and for bank or wide area mowing.

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Rough Cutter RCH 1365 G

Rough Cutter RCH 1680 G-E

Rough Cutter RCH 18100 G-E


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