Rough Cutter RCH 1680 G-E

Rough Cutter RCH 1680 G-E

Item Code: RCH 1680 G-E

The Roughcutter is a Professional Flail Mower for dense grass and vegetation mowing, combining power and simple controls for an effortless mowing experience. The RCH 1680 G-E is great for wider areas and banks.

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£ 9,995.00 (£ 9,995.00 / Piece)

Product Overview


  • 16HP Briggs Vanguard petrol engine
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 8.5 Litres
  • 4 level adjustable cutting height
  • Weight; 260kg
  • Oil Automatic Shutoff
  • 800mm cutting width
  • 0-6km/ h speed
  • Max angle 30 degrees
  • 5.00 - 10 Field Profile Wheels
  • Hydro Pro Zero-turn Steering
  • Hand-Arm-vibration: < 2,5 m/s2
  • Adjustable Control Panel for Easy Operation
  • Hollow Chamber front wheels (260 x 85)
  • Electric start
  • Operator Hours Counter
  • Operator Presence Control
  • Transport Loops


The Rough Cutter RCH 1680 G is a compact, but robust flail mower which combines Low vibration, low noise and high output - Resulting in superb operator comfort. The Roughcutter is a heavy duty flail mower for cutting grass and dense vegetation up to 50mm in diameter. Hydraulic drive, with infinitely variable speed in forwards and reverse allows for really simple fingertip control of the machine. The Roughcutter is built with the operator in mind, with adjustable vibration dampened handlebars for maximum comfort. The height of cut can be easily adjusted in 4 positions to suit different areas of operation and the type of cut can be changed, with different blades available for rough cutting and fine grass cutting.

The integrated differential lock means the machine can cope with very difficult and slippery terrain without struggling for grip. Different tyre options enhance this further. Heavy duty, Puncture-proof front wheels allow you to cope with difficult veg-etation like brambles without worrying over punctures. This allows reliable and simple cutting, even on banks up to 30 degrees.

The machines in the Roughcutter range can all be fitted with a full width rear roller to support the mower and give a traditional striped finish on finer grass. The roller gives the mower more support over uneven ground to prevent the blades from cutting into the soil, which can be detrimental to both the landscape and the mower.

Customer Stories

Tyne Valley Garden Centre

"We could be spending up to 20 hours a week removing moss and dirt from the pedestrian areas," explained John, "and it seemed nothing we did made much difference."
"I was so impressed, I needed the machine there and then."

Design Features

Y Flails

Boot Flails

Hours Counter

Briggs Vanguard Engine

Transport Loops

Adjustable Handlebars

Hollow Chamber Wheels

30o Slopes


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Warranty 2 Years 
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