Hoaf Weed Burner - TWB100K

Hoaf Weed Burner - TWB100K

Item Code: TWB100K

The HOAF thermHIT 100 is available as an attachment for the front Linkages to fit compact tractors. This burner has a working width of 1000 mm and is most suited to maintain weeds on hard surfaces without the use of herbicides on paths and open areas.

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£ 6,350.00 (£ 6,350.00 / Unit)

Product Overview


  • Hoaf Thermhit 100 :
  • Gas - Liquid Propane - (Liquid off-take)
  • Capacity - 110kw Gas Consumption - 8.0kg/hour
  • Ignition Device - Piezo
  • Woking width - 1000mm
  • Weight - 50Kg
  • Capacity per hour - 3000m² @ 3kmh
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Complete with:
  • Adjustable gas pressure regulator.
  • Burner protection shield.


The HOAF thermHIT ® 100M with a working width of 1000 mm is the ideal weed burner to mount on a tool carrier. Due to the low weight of approximately 50 kg, the burner is ideally suited to be combined with light tool carriers. The combination of high productivity and compactness makes it possible to quickly treat pavements with obstacles such as street furniture.

The Hoaf thermHIT is ideal for burning weed on paths, paving and around obstacles. The gas consumption of the thermHIT 100 is around 8kg per hour. This can treat up to 3000m² at a slow walking pace.

The HOAF Mounted burners are balanced very well, which results in simple operation. The gas consumption can be adjusted using the gas control valve which results in gas efficient operation. Thanks to the low burner cover it is possible to easily burn under benches. The ThermHIT 100 uses Liquid Propane Gas bottles with liquid off-take available from Calor Gas in 12kgs. The bottle trolley is built into the machine, which makes light work of transporting the gas supply.

Here is a handy link to a lightweight gas bottle we recommend for this kit.

Customer Stories

Tyne Valley Garden Centre

"We could be spending up to 20 hours a week removing moss and dirt from the pedestrian areas," explained John, "and it seemed nothing we did made much difference."
"I was so impressed, I needed the machine there and then."

Design Features

Stainless Diffusers

Ergonomic Controls

Bottle Holder

Wind Shield

Bracket for Linkage


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