Why choose a Kersten Weedbrush?

Why choose a Kersten Weedbrush?

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Why choose a Kersten WeedBrush?

When moss and weeds become established on hard surfaces they are difficult to remove with a sweeper.

For this application we have made the Weedbrush.

Kersten WeedBrushes have been designed to quickly remove weeds and moss, along with the soil they grow in from hard surfaces like tarmac and block paving. We achieve this with several features not typically found on other Weedbrushes.

VersaBrush – The WeedBrush is fitted with VersaBrushes. These brush sections are composed of two wire types. Thick flat wires are used to cut the weeds and soil from the surface and removes the material; like using many tiny shovels. Thinner wire then sweeps the surface clean. The more soil that we can remove the longer the surface will remain free of weeds.

Angling – The WeedBrush can be angled in all directions for getting into cracks and crevices’. Using the brush on an angle allows it to penetrate the joints in surfaces such as block paving and cope with cambers.

Pressure – Brush height and pressure is controlled by an adjustable castor wheel placed close to the brush and a weight on top. This allows the pressure to be adjusted to suit the application, achieving a perfect combination of cleaning performance and brush life.

Stone guard – To reduce stone throwing, our WeedBrushes rotate at very low speeds of between 180 – 400 rpm. Because of the high torque, we are still able to achieve a great finish, but the lower speed gives much less energy to stones and other debris so they are not turned into dangerous projectiles. A protective guard also helps to keep material close to the brush, so the arisings are easy to clean up after WeedBrushing. The slow rotation speed has the added benefit of creating less vibration.

Just add water – By adding water the WeedBrush is able to scrub dirt and algae from surfaces such as sandstone and other paving.

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