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UBS-Series Powerful Two Wheel Tractors

The Kersten K-series machines are designed with hydraulic drive to both the wheels and the attachments. This allows fine adjustment of wheel and implements speeds and reduces maintenance by designing out common wearing parts such as belts.

The attachments can be removed and replaced in a only few seconds by releasing the catch on the coupling system and the two quick release hydraulic hose connections. The adjustable stand allows this operation to be completed by one person.

A combination of large wheels and a free differential make handling very easy over obstacles such as kerbs. Handlebars are height adjustable at two points for maximum operator comfort in different applications. Tie down loops make securing the machine for transport very simple, and the compact size of the machines make them very easy to load onto vans or trailers.

Our UBS Series Machines

UBS-Hydro 9 Power Unit

UBS-Hydro 13 II Power Unit

UBS HYDRO 16 II Power Unit

UBS MASTER 18 Power Unit

UBS Alpin 23 Power Unit


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