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Hoaf Mounted Weed Control Overview

Hoaf Weed Burners provide Pesticide free weed control for public spaces, footpaths, carparks and homes.

The Hoaf Infra Plus System uses infrared radiation in combination with hot air. By exposing the unwanted vegetation to this process, the proteins in the weeds congeal and the moisture cells burst open at about 80°C. As a result the vegetation starts wilting and dies.

The design allows great access into tight areas and paths, but the working width of the unit is large enough for covering sizeable areas in a short time. Because the product relies on heat, it can be used in the wet; allowing your weed killing to be less weather dependent. The hood design makes it easy to get right up to obstacles and the low hood allows access under park benches and picnic tables.

Our Mounted Thermal Weed Control Solutions



Weed Air 75 K

Weed Air 100 K

Weed Air 120 K

Weed Air 150 K


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