Weedo II - Compact Weedbrush

Weedo II - Compact Weedbrush

Item Code: Weedo II

The Weedo II is a dedicated weedbrush for moss and weed removal in areas such as social housing and is ideal for contractors covering many small sites. Hire customers really appreciate the simplicity and compact design.

£ 3,995.00 (£ 3,995.00 / Piece)

Product Overview

The Weedo II is a dedicated weedbrush for areas such as social housing and is ideal for contractors covering many small sites. The weedbrush allows clearance of both moss and more stubborn weeds from hard surfaces such as tarmac or block paving.

Operating the machine is as simple as one lever, the left hand controls the operation of the brush, while the operator controls the forward speed by varying the pressure of the brush on the ground. The folding handlebars and its compact design means it is easily transported from site to site and allows it to excel in tight areas. Many fine adjustments enable the brush consumption to be greatly reduced and the operator comfort to be increased. The weedbrush can be set to the right or the left hand side of the machine for clearing long paths in either direction.

  • 1 liter fuel tank
  • tool-less adjustable ergonomic handlebar
  • W 60cm - L 105cm - H 115cm - Weight 91kg
  • Low vibration- 2.16m/s 2
  • Low noise 84dB (Operators Ear)
  • Max angle 15 degrees
  • 50cm working width.
  • Transport loops/Carry Handles
  • Adjustable Chassis Height
  • 3 position head - left, right, center
  • Fitted with 6 x versa brush sections
  • Folding Handlebars

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Moss & Weed Removal

When Moss and Weeds become established on hard surfaces, such as block paving; tarmac; or concrete - they are difficult to remove with a sweeper. For this application we have made the Weedbrush. Kersten weedbrushes have been designed to quickly remove weeds and moss.

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Design Features

Hydraulic Drive

Versa Brushes

Debris Guard

Folding Handlebars

Reversible Brush

Vibration Dampening

3 position Head

Adjustable Chassis Height

Brush Angling


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