Rotary Gritter / Spreader 70 litre

Rotary Gritter / Spreader 70 litre

Item Code: SLDST 70 K 35

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Kersten SLDST70K35 hydraulic rotary pedestrian spreader.
The Kersten SLDST70K35 Rotary Spreader is available as a dedicated self propelled unit.

Part of the Utility range the Kersten KHS 70& boasts a 5.5hp Honda Petrol engine powered pedestrian power unit with hydraulic, variable speed transmission and drive to 70 litre capacity spreader, forward direction only with differential, with speeds of up to 4km/h.

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£ 2,150.00 (£ 2,150.00 / Piece)

- Large diameter drive wheels with turf tyres and differential for easy turnin
- Folding handlebars with three height adjustments.
- 70 litre hopper capacity with adjustable spread width of 0.5 - 4 metres.
- Includes damp material agitator and hopper cover.