Why we're on LinkedIn

Why we're on LinkedIn

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We are on LinkedIn to help solve our customers' problems.

We know that every connection we make on LinkedIn is the start of a journey.  

When someone connects with us on LinkedIn it is usually because they are aware of a problem in their business that we might be able to help them solve.  It may be an artificial tennis court that has problems with drainage, or block paving that is slippery and covered in moss. 

Whatever it is, there are several key stages in a customer's journey to solving their problem, and LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to help them get to the next stage.  We love to solve problems, that's why we love LinkedIn!

The stages are;

Problem aware - The customer may be aware of the problem, but it can be very helpful to explore it with them to uncover the cause.  LinkedIn allows us to talk about specific problems like detritus build up, surface compaction and surface displacement, which lead to weeds, drainage problems and cause damage to hard surfaces over time.  An article or a video is a great way to get this information across.

Solution aware - Once we truly understand the problem, we can help the customer to explore the different ways to solve the problem.  Each situation is a little unique and so problems that look similar on the surface sometimes have different solutions.  LinkedIn is a great place to discuss particular scenarios and get into a back and forth discussion.  

Product aware - Once a customer has identified a solution that will meet their specific needs then we can help guide them to a product that will deliver that solution.  We can do this by sharing information on what makes our products different and why this matters.  Videos are great for this.

Fully aware - Once a customer has narrowed down a product, there is still work for us to do.  We can help them find a dealer close to them who will provide great backup and help them purchase the machine.  We can also post content about looking after the machines and getting the best from them.  

By using LinkedIn as a way to build this relationship with our customers, it let's us focus on using the website as a resource for sharing links and documents relating to more than just the product.  

For help with your own grounds maintenance problems, please get in touch.


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