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The new RIPAGREEN range from Kersten

The RIPAGREEN Mobility Kit is a direct replacement for the nap sack sprayer - without the chemicals.  
With a lighter burden on your back, more comfort and able to be used in a greater range of weathers.

The NEW Mobility Kit has a patented ergonomic harness, making work considerably easier and ensuring comfort to the operator.

It does this by;

Carrying a propane tank which gives the operator true mobility during use

A rotating support arm capable of 180 degrees of sweeping motion allowing the user to operate the Mini-Thermal Lance with one hand.

Adjustable pneumatic back support to promote comfort, posture and reduce fatigue.

Using adjustable bungee cables from the support arm to the Mini-Thermal Lance allowing the user to change application angle and height at will.

 The Ripagreen Mobility Kit can be used in conjunction with the Easy Kit Mobile Cart, allowing a larger amount of gas to easily be transported. This enables the user to control much larger areas of weed and vegetation growth at a time.

Because this method uses hot air to burst the cells in the plant - there is no problem using it in wet conditions. In fact, the water even helps conduct the heat.  

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