Kersten DE-MOSS 90 Sweeper on Tarmac Drive.

Kersten DE-MOSS 90 Sweeper on Tarmac Drive.

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This week, we’ve had yet another request from a customer who gave up the unequal struggle to clear his tarmac drive of moss and weeds. Just imagine you have two nice houses, well maintained and valuable, fronted by a drive that markedly detracts their visual appeal and value.  

The owners of these properties have over the years been tackling the problem by various means, such as pressure washers, moss killer, hand brooms and subsequently decided that they could not solve this problem themselves. Now was the time to call in the professionals. 

This contract required three Kersten machines for speed, but we could have only used one power unit and three attachments. The Kersten DE-MOSS 90 sweeper was used to cover the majority of the driveway. Areas such as under bushes and those affected with thicker weeds were easily tackled by the Kersten Weedo. Once the moss and weeds had been removed the whole area was then swept and collected by the standard 1m sweeper with gulley brush attachment on the Kersten K2100.  

Results were impressive. The DE-MOSS 90 sweeper has ensured the whole drive, approximately 300m2, is now looking as good as it should. Time on site was around three hours. This is a reduction from the estimate which normally would have been closer to a day’s work for the same standard of work; a huge improvement in productivity.  

The customer who previously despaired of this job, after the hand brooms, chemicals and pressure washer was more than impressed. There was no mess, no splashes, no blocked drains, no surface damage and all the kerb edges were clean and tidy. Cleaning the kerb edge too is so important to presentation, the eye always goes to the edge, something the Kersten gulley brush is designed for. Having the correct tools for the job allows these challenging commitments to be accomplished quickly and profitably. 

Kersten machines are “they do what they say on the tin” products, a comment we often hear at demonstrations. “Chemical free weed control” and “kerb appeal” are our goals, which we keep promoting. 

All that is needed in the future to keep this drive looking good is just a quick sweep with a collector box.  

Click the image below to view the De-Moss 90 in action.