Should we spray or should we sweep?

Should we spray or should we sweep?

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With growing social pressure against using chemicals to control weeds and other pests, the grounds maintenance sector has an opportunity to think about best practice and lead by example.

When faced with areas similar to the one below what are the options?

            1. Spray it with chemicals to kill the moss

            2. Treat it with hot foam or water to kill the moss

            3. Leave it

            4. Sweep it to remove the detritus the moss is growing in

Which one would you choose?

Moss in Tarmac surface

Look at the option we chose......

Kersten sweeper about to tackle moss

Look what it did......

Swweeping Mower with Kersten powered sweeper

A Kersten powered sweeper with a collector and a side gulley brush sweeps the detritus that the moss is growing in and collects the debris in the collection box. This surface may now dry much more quickly as nothing remains to store moisture reducing the possibility of future moss growth. A periodical sweep will keep this area free from moss and weeds.

Kersten sweepers can be pedestrian operated or tractor mounted. They are available in working widths of 75cm to 3 metres.  See our website for details.........Chemical Free Weed Control From Kersten

FAQ's about sweeping moss

Question: Does an operative require a special licence to destroy weeds and pests with a sweeping device in the UK?

Answer: We are not aware of any legislation in the UK which prevents any competent person using a mechanical sweeping device to destroy weeds and similar pests.

Question: Is it safe, accurate and effective to carry out weed killing operations with a sweeping device in moderate wind conditions?

Answer: We are not aware of any reasons why sweeping device should not be safe, accurate or effective in moderate wind conditions.

Question: Does sweeping increase the possibility of contaminating ground water with chemicals potentially hazardous to human health? 

Answer: There is potential for ground water contamination by sweeping surfaces by powered mechanical means however the risks are greatly reduced compared with the use of herbicides and other methods.

Question: Why does moss grow in certain areas?

Answer:  Moss requires a growing medium and a water source to flourish. Moss thrives particularly well in shaded areas.

Question: How can you destroy moss without chemicals?

Answer: You can destroy moss by depriving it of critical life dependencies such as moisture. Moisture is often stored in detritus. This detritus drys out less quickly in shady areas.