NEW De-Moss 90 - Everything you need to know

Item Code: News 17

What is the De-Moss 90?

This hydraulic 90cm 5 row sweeper has a specially developed tough, hard, durable nylon filament that is unique within our range. It's suitable to fit the present K2100 Kersten walk behind tractors. 

What does the De0-Moss 90 do?

The innovative sweeper is designed for primarily removing moss from tarmac paths, drives, tennis courts and similar coarse surfaces without ingression and damage to the underlying surface.  

Why is the De-Moss 90 different?

The DE-Moss 90 is a simple solution for speedy removal and collection of moss from coarse surfaces, working in conditions that were beyond the ability of our standard unit. By steady evolution this 5-row sweeper now allows moss to be collected or swept left or right as required*.  

The tough durable special plastic filaments are greater in diameter, than a standard brush. As the filaments are stiffer, this in turn allows more effort to be transmitted to the tip therefore moving more stubborn material. Speed, no surface marking, ease of use, low cost of ownership and removing moss are the main benefits of this sweeper. 

*For safe operation always use the brush guard if not using a collector box. 

View the De-Moss 90 working here