NEW De-Moss 55 - Everything you need to know

NEW De-Moss 55 - Everything you need to know

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What is the De-Moss 55?

The De-Moss 55 is a simple, light to use, trigger operated, variable flow gas weed burner torch. It has a 55mm outlet and each unit comes complete with a variable flow pressure regulator ensuring there is the correct amount of flame strength. The finger trigger allows the gas flow to be regulated from the smaller flame idle position, to full flame strength for the tough larger weeded area. 

Each De-Moss 55 comes with a variable pressure regulator (0.5 bar to 4 bar) connected to a 5m swivel ended pipe and an optional gas bottle trolley. The 2 wheeled gas bottle trolley is specifically designed for the gas burner torch to enable easy transport. By using a swivel ended hose the opportunity for entanglement is reduced. Each unit will be supplied with a gas lighter. 

What does it do?

The De-Moss 55 is used for speedy wilting or immolation of weeds, moss and green growth from hard and soft surfaces. For example, it works well on areas such as block paving, tarmac, concrete flowerbeds and overgrown areas that are safe to work on. The weeds leaves are effectively heated to around 80 centigrade, enough to stop the plant photosynthesizing and feeding nutrients to the roots. Once the plants leaves have been ‘cooked’ it will soon wilt and die back. A week later or so, a quick inspection will be necessary to see what areas (if any) have been missed and what new tender plants are emerging, so another quick pass to finish the job. 

Why is it different?

The De-Moss 55 a physically light and powerful gas weed burner, capable of working of large gardens with amazing speed. By using Propane gas, the flame temperature will be higher than butane, at around 1000 degrees C allowing the more heat to penetrate the roots ensuring quicker eradication. This De-Moss 55 can be used in wet or damp conditions, sometimes the extra moisture can be used to impart more energy to the leaf matter, ‘cooking’ it quicker. The gas control from both variable pressure regulator and finger trigger ensure you have control. When you do not need full power, let it idle with a pilot flame. The optional gas bottle trolley where the bottle is chained in gives easy mobility to access garden/yard/path areas.

Uses for the DE-Moss 55

  1. Path edges
  2. Wall edges
  3. Flower beds  
  4. Any where that is safe to use heat. 
  5. Overgrown areas 
  6. Moss 
  7. Plant bed sterilisation 
  8. Chemical free weed control
  9. Hard surface areas
  10. Gravel paths area  

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