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Kersten Front Mounted Sweepers for Tractors 80 - 250hp

This is our Largest range of professional Sweepers for Mounting on Agricultural Tractors. The KM70 Range is light weight and easy to handle using a Cat 2 front linkage system or Loader. Our Ø 70cm, five row combi brush moves large, heavy debris with ease. Sweeping height is adjusted by a single lever or by the KM Control technology for precise positioning of the brush. All KM70 brushes may be fitted with a collecter box and a gully brush for creating a clean kerb and picking up the debris - even on undulating surfaces.

Our products

KM 25070 H - Front Mounted Sweeper for Tractor & Loaders 250cm Hydraulic

KM 30070 H - Front Mounted Sweeper for Tractor & Loaders Hydraulic Drive - Ø 70cm


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