PolyHawk 8ft PV  Electric Body Mount Spreader - M64505CE

PolyHawk 8ft PV Electric Body Mount Spreader - M64505CE

Item Code: M64505CE

£ 8,495.00 (£ 8,495.00 / Unit)

There are reliable spreaders, and then there's the Polyhawk. Featuring an unprecedented 10-year warranty and a virtually indestructible polyethylene insert hopper.

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Product Overview

Insert hopper spreaders for vehicles 3500kg and over. The PolyHawk is designed to be your snow and ice removal spreader not only for this season, but for many to come.Featuring an unprecedented ten-year warranty on the virtually indestructible polyethylene insert hopper, Meyer dares you to compare the features of the PolyHawk to any other poly hopper spreader on the market.

The Meyer PolyHawk is an in body or trailer mounted spreader. It features a high tensile chain conveyor system which delivers a wide variety of materials to the rear spinner disc. A total of 6 adjustable baffles ensure you can deliver the exact amount of material precisely where you want it. The complete system is almost silent being powered from two independently controlled 12v electric motors.

Standard features include a top screen to break up large clumps of material, belt shields, and the Meyer inverted V to prevent bridging. A swing up spinner provides easy storage, aids emptying and allows filling of salt bins.

  • In Body mounted spreader
  • Hopper Length - 244cm
  • Overall Length - 292cm
  • 12v Electric drive from the carrier vehicle
  • Hopper Dimensions - (WxDxH) 244x127x89cm
  • Dual Motor - 3/4hp and gearbox driving the Auger
  • Empty Weight - 338kg
  • Capacity - 1529l/2140kg
  • Spread Width - 2 - 9m
  • 10 year warranty
  • Spreading Material - Sand, Salt, Seed and aggregate
  • Polyhawk-6.md.jpg PolyHawk-master.md.jpg Sprinter-with-DrivePro-Plough-and-Polyhawk-Spreader-9.md.jpg Ronnie_Bell_NHS_PolyHawk_master.md.jpg Sprinter-with-DrivePro-Plough-and-Polyhawk-Spreader-33.md.jpg

    Product Applications

    Winter Maintenance

    Salt is used to combine with water molecules in order to raise the melting temperature, the reason we might want to do this is to prevent ice forming on the ground, which is very slippery. A salt spreader is an efficient way of spreading the salt evenly across the surface, so that it can be effective without wasting too much salt or manual effort.

    More on Salt Spreading

    Design Features


    10 Year Warranty

    Meyer Inverted V



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