Spreader - SLDST70H-FKDR

Spreader - SLDST70H-FKDR

Item Code: SLDST 70 H-FKDR-STI

£ 2,125.00 (£ 2,125.00 / Unit)

The SLDST 70 H-FKDR is available as an attachment for Ride On Mowers, using the integrated hydraulic kit of the FKDR Linkage to power the spreader. The Spreader can be fitted on the rear of the mower, so a plough or sweeper can be used at the front.

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Product Overview


  • SLDST 70 H Spreader
  • 70 Litre capacity
  • For Spreading Salt or Sand and other free flowing material
  • Hydraulic drive from the FKDR Linkage
  • Manual spread volume control
  • Spreading width of 0.5-4 metres
  • Damp Material Agitator
  • Stainless Steel Hopper
  • AK-SLDST-H Bracket required to suit mower


The SLDST 70 Powered Gritter/Spreader is a professional spreader that can deal with different material types. The hydraulic drive makes it easier to operate and minimises maintenance.

Operating the machine is as simple as one lever, the operator controls the operation from the FKDR control console.The ability to use it with your ride on mower makes it Perfect for small- to medium-sized jobs like icy walkways and long, snowy driveways.

The damp material agitator allows it to spread a more diverse range of materials more easily than other systems, getting the job done faster and with less manual intervention - giving you more time on the job and less time fixing problems.

Customer Stories

Crawley Borough Council

Councillor Bob Lanzer, Leader of the Council, said: "Our staff worked extremely hard over the winter when snow twice seriously affected movement across the town."
"This equipment will help us to be much more effective should we experience similar conditions in the future."

Design Features

Adjustable Baffle

Rear Bracket

Hopper Screen

Steep Gradient Hopper

Damp Material Agitator

Robust Spinner

Ergonomic Controls

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