The Chronicles of Kaptain Klean

The Chronicles of Kaptain Klean

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The Chronicles of Kaptain Klean - Episode 1 (Weeds by the Water)

Weeds can be tricky to tackle when near water.

Hard surfaces are typically designed to get rid of water quickly. Roads, for example, are designed to have water run-off to avoid flooding via drains and gutters whereas block paving or hard standing such as gravel will absorb liquids very quickly. Both of these factors makes it incredibly ineffective to use chemical weed treatments as they wont spend enough time around the plant to kill it (sorption/ degradation)2. In addition, it makes it even easier to contaminate nearby areas such as drains, ditches, sewage systems and water sources1 - many countries are now producing legislation to prevent against contamination of reservoirs and pollution caused by non-agricultural pesticides3 making it even more tricky to guarantee you are using these products safely4.

Which is where we come in! 

Our new weedburner from RIPAGREEN® forces high velocity hot air over the leaves of the plant to prevent photosynthesis. No need for chemicals!

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This hot air instantly causes a thermal shock that damages the chlorophyll producing part of the plant, preventing photosynthesis. The plant then dies naturally with a visible result after a few hours.

To effectively weed with RIPAGREEN®, it is not necessary to burn the plant, but only give it a "hot shot" (about 80 ° in the thickness of the leaf). 

The energy reserves in the roots of the plant will determine how effective the treatment is. If these areas are regularly treated, all plants will be weakened until they are exhausted. Unlike products containing Glyphosate, the Ripagreen is pesticide free and can be used in wet conditions without the requirement for a license. The ergonomic backpack makes weeding extremely comfortable.

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For full details on the Ripagreen range and other thermal weed control products take a look at our website by clicking here.

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