New Hausa brush assembly for Kersten Weedbrushes

New Hausa Brush Assembly for Kersten Weedbrush machines.

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New Hausa Brush Assembly for Kersten Weedbrush machines.

The Hausa brush may be used as a moss, soil and weed removal tool on Kersten weedbrush machines including UB, WKB and WKBH.

The Hausa brush is good at removing heavier deposits of weed, moss and soil from a hard surface.

This brush can work well when used in combination with a Versa brush or on its own as a set.

In order to reduce material wastage, costs and replacement time of the Hausa brushes Kersten have revised the design of their Hausa brush.

Obsolete part 700 000 136

Previously the part 700 000 136 was a single item which mounted by 2 nuts directly to the weedbrush rotor.

Replaced by new part 700 000 136A

The new part 700 000 136A is now an assembly made up from 3 individual parts.

  1. 106 780 200 - The replacement brush comprising of a single, heavy duty single wire cable with a crimped shoulder
  2. C10487 - Brush mounting which bolts to the weedbrush rotor and accepts the wire cable brush above
  3. 902 510 020 - Locking screw which pinches the wire cable brush when tightened.

The long term benefit of this change is that users of the Kersten weedbrush machines will only need to replace the cable (Hausa) brush 106 780 200 and not the complete assembly.

It will make it faster and easier to replace the brushes and reduce wasted materials.

106 780 200

Assembly Instructions

To replace the obsolete version of the 700 000 136 with the new 700 000 136A Hausa assembly, please follow instructions below...

Using a 13mm tool, remove the two nuts retaining the Hausa brush to the weedbrush rotor

Remove the brush from the rotor

Place the new brush holder in the the holes on the rotor

Tighten the retaining nuts. This holder now remains on the rotor

Insert the new type Hausa brush in to the housing

Use the locking type pinch bolt to secure the new Hausa brush in place.

Recommended torque is 28Nm

So now the only replacement part required is 106 780 200

See the weed brush in action here

Removing weeds and overburden from a drinking water reservoir bank

Kersten bring you one step closer to a greener future!

Chris Faulkner

Chris is Managing Director of Kersten UK Ltd Interested in weed control solutions and machinery

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