Edging verges without the clean up on a John Deere 3039R

Weed brushing normally results in a row of arisings on the footpath, pavement or road which must be cleared up. With the UB Easy Vertical Brush that is a thing of the past.

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What is path edging, and how is it done?

Many customers come to us with requests for path edging.

The need for this job is created as grass clippings and other organic detritus collect at the existing edge of the verge. As this material collects, it decomposes and becomes soil that can be populated by grass or other plants. As this process repeats over time continues, the soil builds up further and further into the path. This soil needs to be removed to allow the path or road to remain useable for cars, pedestrians, wheel chairs, cyclists and other users.

There are several different options available for doing the job. It can be done by hand, with hoes, shovels and brooms. Or it can be done mechanically with walk behind equipment such as the ever popular UBS and Weedbrush attachment. You can also do the job from a tractor, with several options available, such as the UB6080 MH for the front of compact tractors and outfront mowers. In all these cases, the material must be removed from the verge and the arisings left in the road, or path to be collected by a sweeper. This obviously creates additional work, with a separate clean up option, which is often time consuming due to the volume of material needing to be collected.

However, for some customers the collection of the material is something that can be avoided.

How is the UB Easy Vertical Brush Different?

The UB Easy VB can be fitted to a loader or front linkage and moves the material in the other direction (onto the verge). 

The brush is able to spread the arisings over the grass, rather than leaving them heaped in a row, so there is often no requirement for a second clean up operation.

A recent customer had about 30 miles of private roads and paths to maintian. All of these roads and paths have grass verges and many lead onto fields.

They had a john deere 3039R with a Cat 1 front linkage to fit the weedbrush to. Weedbrushes need to be front mounted as they require quite a bit of dexterity to use. This is much easier if the brush can be seen easily from the driving position and the steering of the tractor influences the position of the brush more instantly, so there is less over correction by the operator. 

How to power the Vertical Weedbrush?

The UB Easy VB is hydraulically driven and requires about 30l/minute to operate. It also needs quite a bit of pressure and a large quantity of oil, so that the oil remains cool. Some smaller tractors cannot provide this amount of oil, so we provide a hydraulic kit which will power the weedbrush. This in turn is powered by the 540rpm rear PTO.

The John Deere 3039R used such a kit in order to power this weedbrush. 

The Kit has a 50 litre hydraulic tank and a pump, which deliver oil to the attachment. 

The items used in this set up were;

Hydraulic Kit - MP-HYDR-DP

Bracket to fit front linkage - ABR-UB-KD

Weedbrush for Loaders and front Linkages - UB EASY PAK VB

Some other accessories were specified in this case for routing the hydraulics to the front of the tractor and angling the brush.

The Weed Brush is a very effective tool as part of an Integrated Weed Management Strategy. 

You can read more about Integrated Weed Management for Amenity here.

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