Case Study: Sweeping Mud on the road with a Manitou MT835 Telehandler

One solution for mounting a sweeper to your Manitou MT835 Telehandler......

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The customer for this sweeper has a farm in the south of England.  It is a regular requirement to move tractors between yards and fields, especially when carrying out jobs for soil preparation and harvesting. The farmer was getting complaints about the mud left by the tractors and couldn't do a good enough job with his current equipment. They needed a sweeper capable of picking up this material on an undulating surface, the road has quite a camber and has no proper edges. This is common of many rural roads. 

The customer has a Manitou MT835 Telehandler, which is a great carrier for attachments such as sweepers.

Only one sweeper on the market really fit the bill... Our popular KM70 sweeper, with floating hitch and collector box would do everything they needed and is robust enough for use with a telehandler (which can put a lot of strain on attachments with the boom).

The items used in this project were as follows:

  1. ABR 70 TELE- Floating hitch
  2. KM 25070 H - 70cm Diameter Sweeper
  3. SSB 25070 - floating collector box
  4. ASH 8570 L - Gully Brush

The KM 70 range of sweepers is designed to mount on the front of a variety of machines, from about 80 -250hp including telehandlers, tractors and the Unimog.

When mounting on a telehandler, one of the challenges is keeping the pressure of the sweeper constant. This is achieved with a floating hitch, floating collector and a handy sight guide that helps keep your boom in a good position. Other sweepers struggle with the collector box bottoming out or excess brush wear because of the pressure put on the brush by the boom.

Kersten sweepers are great at maintaining hard surfaces by removing detritus and debris which reduces weed growth and is fundamental to Integrated weed management.

Other attachments suitable for telehandlers may be found on the Telehandler Attachments Page.

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