How to kill a weed?

To really understand how weed control can be used most effective,,,

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How to kill a weed?

To really understand how weed control can be used most effectively, it is useful to understand
the basic parts of a plant and the requirements of a plant to grow. With this knowledge, we can develop strategies to interrupt the natural plant cycle.

Plant structure

Each part of the plant has a different function
• Roots
The roots anchor the plants in the soil and absorb nutrients and water that are needed by the rest of the plant

• Stems
Stems support the upper part of the plant and act as a transport system for nutrients, water, sugar, and starches

• Leaves
Leaves are the parts of the plant where photosynthesis usually occurs - where food for the plant is made. The green substance, chlorophyll, captures light energy and uses it to convert water and carbon dioxide into plant food and oxygen

• Flowers
Flowers are the reproductive part of plants. They often have showy petals and fragrances to attract pollinators such as birds, bees, and other insects

• Fruits
Fruits are the fleshy substances that usually surround seeds. They protect the seeds and attract animals to eat them. This helps in seed dispersal .

• Seeds
Seeds may be surrounded by fruit and contain plant material that can develop into another plant.

Plant requirements

The basic requirements of plants to grow are room to grow, access to light, air, water and nutrients.

• Room to grow
The above ground portions of the plant need space so leaves can expand and gather the sun’s energy to carry out the job of making food. Roots also need room to grow to provide sufficient access to water and nutrients.

• Light
Plants need light. They use light energy to change carbon dioxide and water into food. This process of food production is called photosynthesis.

• Water
Water is essential to all life on earth. No known organism can exist without water. Plants use water for many life processes, including moving nutrients throughout the plant.

• Air
Green plants take in carbon dioxide from air and use it during photosynthesis to make food.

• Nutrients
Most of the nutrients that a plant needs are taken up by the plant through its roots.

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By removing one or more of the plant requirements we can seriously affect the plants ability to survive.

How can products from Kersten UK help in weed control?

  1. Heat. Kersten provide tools 2 european manufacturers useful in weed control using heat from hot air and infrared sources. The effects are similar but the delivery methods are different. for more information please follow these links.
  2. Sweeping
  3. Mechanical removal

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