Cleaning of slipways and harbour infrastructure

The use of chemicals to clean algae and other deposits off slipways and marine structures can cause pollution.

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Chemical Solutions

There are many type of cleaning agents available to remove fouling marine life or algae from slipways and / or man made infrastructure. It is likely that these will be harmful to marine life. Use of any chemical is controlled by the Environment Agency and you should check with them before use.

Non Chemical Solutions

High pressure washing is a quick and more environmentally friendly method of removing fouling material from slipways and man made infrastructure. Care should be taken to avoid any natural habitats when using high pressure washing as it may damage them. this may be very time consuming. You may require a large volume of fresh water close at hand to operate a pressure washer.

Sweeping surfaces like slipways, pontoons and quays can be very effective. Sweepers can move most materials very effectively. We have successfully demonstrated on many applications. We have found best results are achieved when the surface is still damp. When sweeping algae from wooden decking sweep with the grain or pattern of the timber. You can angle the brush on all Kersten sweepers which will keep moving the material to the left or right.

Pedestrian Kersten sweepers feature a multi use power unit and a sweeping attachment. Kersten sweepers may also be mounted on many tractors, loaders and other power units.

You can follow links to Kersten pedestrian sweeper solutions.

Find out more information about cleaning marine infrastructure on the government website

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