Weed Prevention Masterclass at Wiltshire College, Lackham

What is Weed Prevention and how could it be more cost effective than Weed Control?

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Kersten (UK) Ltd have been invited to exhibit at Wiltshire College, Lackham on Friday July 1 2022.

The college is organising a Trade Show and Careers Day.

We will present a masterclass in Weed Prevention Techniques. We suggest the concept of Weed Control should be assigned to the status of "solution of last resort".

Weed control should only be used when Weed Prevention Techniques have been exhausted.

We are proud to be working with Wiltshire College, Lackham to include a Weed Prevention element to their Horticulture/Landscape Operative Apprenticeship program.

We would invite all our industry colleagues, both suppliers and horticulture/landscape services delivery organisations to support this trade show and make a difference to the next generation, our next potential talent.

To find out more about Weed Prevention and how this could provide a natural, sustainable, cost effective solution to keep areas weed free contact Chris Faulkner at Kersten 01189869253.

For much more information on weed prevention please take a look at our new Weed Prevention Guide for the Amenity Sector

You should also check out our 4 step plan to phase out glyphosate.

Chris Faulkner

Chris is Managing Director of Kersten UK Ltd Interested in weed control solutions and machinery

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