Lackham Careers and Tradeshow

Come and see us at the upcoming Lackham Careers and Tradeshow on 22nd May, 11am-3pm by Wiltshire College and University Centre.

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Great News! 

After last year's huge success, we are delighted that we will be part of that great project this year as well.

Young people are our future, but the job is not done for the rest of us. The present is a responsible part of helping these young people shape our future. Victoria Fiander is doing an amazing job at devoting her time for the education and work opportunities of young people in our sector. To show how much we value her work, we are extremely happy to say that we are ready to support Victoria and her team again this year at this year's Lackham Careers and Tradeshow.

With education within the sector at the forefront of this event, we are delighted to be taking our Integrated Weed Management brochures with us, to educate attendees on effective and sustainable weed management strategies.

In addition, we are very excited to showcase some of our products including the new Eco Weedkiller range, as well as the Ripagreen and Kersten products. We devote our products to more 'Green Practices. Since the EcoWeedkiller is just hot boiling water, it is safe in many areas where herbicides such as glyphosate are unsuitable or simply undesirable, especially around schools or parks. 

At the same time, the Ripagreen Thermal Lance offers a high level of accuracy when treating the area. Ripagreen uses 94% air and 6% gas to kill weeds effectively. Ripagreen is a naturally innovative weedkiller that doesn't contaminate the land.

Join us at the Lackham Careers and Trade Show

Lackham is an important land based college which promotes productivity, sustainability and provides skills and knowledge to support the Landscape industry. 

Their objective of the careers and tradeshow is to:

  1. Raise awareness of the Landscape industry
  2. Showcase the profile of careers across all sectors of the industry and give an opportunity to meet face-to-face with potential employers
  3. To support suppliers by introducing new customers and generating business
  4. To promote innovation from industry leaders
  5. Introduce key industry associations and collaborating partnerships

Why is it especially important to our sector?

  1. It helps fill the skills gaps in our industry by attracting new students to relevant qualifications
  2. it attracts new talent into our sector
  3. It helps demonstrate the breadths of careers available in this exciting industry
  4. It enables masterclasses of products to be given to the public and business owners, enabling them to find new solutions to their existing problems or latent needs
  5. It demonstrates best practice and promotes sustainability in our industry 

Taking action now is key to a better future

We look forward to seeing you at our stand!

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