The Street Champion - A report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies

The Community Weeding Scheme. An evaluation of different ways to incentivise citizens to co-produce public services in Lambeth.

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Integrated Weed Management is a concept which combines a series of common sense Nature based Solutions in a effort to reduce our reliance on synthetic pesticides to maintain our amenity - especially hard surfaces.

One of the key tools of Integrated Weed Management is the Cultural element. We think this document provides valuable information for any Local Authority contemplating a reduction in the use of Glyphosate or other synthetic pesticides in their area.

The document below is the IFS (Institute of Fiscal Studies) briefing note which is the result of in depth research and trials carried in co-operation with Lambeth Council. Community Engagement.

These trials have led to a mutually beneficial partnership between the council and residents.

The authors of this research and the members of the council together with the residents of Lambeth deserve enormous credit.

Some of those involved include;

Daniel Rogger, Luke Sibieta - Authors of this research paper.

Elsie Grace, Jason Prentis and Liz Whitson-Cloud, Michael Clarke and Doug Perry from Lambeth Council.

Residents of Lambeth

You can find a link to this document here..

Chris Faulkner

Chris is Managing Director of Kersten UK Ltd Interested in weed control solutions and machinery

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