Maintaining your Ripagreen Thermal Lance

The problem with many gardening devices or weed killers is the need to perform regular maintenance to ensure their proper functioning. Ripagreen tools require very little maintenance to keep them runn

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A large part of the devices which have for goal the maintenance of green spaces are provided with a motor. In fact, tools such as mowers, brush cutters, hot water weeders and foam weeders are very often motorized. The constraint with these types of devices is that the presence of a motor requires regular maintenance and careful use to ensure their proper functioning over time. This can also be a problem for users who only handle their weeders on an occasional basis.

Moreover, the possibility of breakdowns as well as incidents related to the engines is high and can therefore condemn working time, not to mention the expensive side of repair and maintenance (often carried out by external providers).


Our R&D team has studied the constraints represented by a motorized device and have thus opted for a range of products that operate without motors.

Indeed, the absence of motors in our products represents many advantages.

First of all, they require little maintenance (no oil change, engine maintenance, breakdown, or refueling).

All our products are easy to transport and easy to use. Moreover, they have very few wearing parts and our spare parts are easily replaced.

The most necessary maintenance operations are listed below.

  1. Inspecting the gas pipe
  2. Cleaning the heat diffuser
  3. Checking the dual-safety pressure regulator
  4. Cleaning the rotating connector filter
  5. Replacing the Piezo ignitor

You can see video tutorials on carrying out these tasks here;

In short, Ripagreen technology requires little maintenance, offers ease and comfort of use while promising a minimal impact on the environment.

Here you can find tutorials on the maintenance of your Thermal Lance.

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For more information on reducing or eliminating your reliance on chemicals to deal with weeds, please get in touch.

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