Case Study: How Path Edging with a Machine can save you Money

We ran a test with Veolia to discover the true saving a Kersten machine can provide for your team!

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Veolia UK are a national facilities management and waste solutions provider who carry out work for councils and large industrial customers across the UK. One of the key tasks they carry out is cutting back the verges of footpaths and pavements, allowing access for pedestrians and wheelchair users. The team in West Berkshire manage hundreds of miles of pavements that need to be cut back on a regular basis.

Matthew Powers, Community cleansing supervisor at Veolia UK arranged a trial to test the cost saving that could be achieved using a Kersten machine. The job has been previously done by hand, which is hard work and extremely time consuming.

You can see the cost and time savings shown below.

Not only is using the Kersten machine much more cost effective per mile than doing the same task by hand, but the job was done much more quickly. The machine would pay for itself in just 81 miles and the job would be done in approximately half the amount of time.

The operators also reported that the effort needed to achieve the result was much less using the Kersten UBS 16 and weedbrush than it is by hand, which leads to reduced risk of injury and fatigue.

Visit the UBS 16 Hydro II page to find out more about the machine.

Kersten sweepers and weed brushes are great at maintaining hard surfaces by removing detritus and debris which reduces weed growth and is fundamental to Integrated weed management.

More information on Kersten Weed Brushes can be found on the Mechanical Weed Removal Page.

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