NEW De-Moss 390 - Everything you need to know

NEW De-Moss 390 - Everything you need to know

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What is the De-Moss 390?

The De-Moss 390 is a simple, light to use, petrol engine weedbrush. It has six quick release hawser brushes in a machined aluminium housing, that is encased in a 2-part shield. When the left head cover is removed and the swinging axle has been re-positioned, the wall/kerb edge cleaning can begin.

What does it do?

The De-Moss 390 is used for speedy removal of weeds, moss and detritus from hard surfaces such as block paving, tarmac and concrete. The material, both dead and growing, on and above the surface will easily be removed by the heavy-duty hawser brushes. Once the overburden has been removed a clear weed free surface will be revealed.

Why is it different?

The De-Moss 390 a physically light and powerful, high speed weedbrush capable of removing moss as well as plant matter. The belt drive to the weed head keeps the RPM well below engine speed, as well as limiting the torque that can be applied so reducing the potential for damage. The individual wire hawsers can be replaced in seconds using the tool attached to the machine and can only be fitted one way.Adjustable handles allow different height operators to work comfortably and then can be folded flat for transport and reduces size for storage.The large wheels on the swinging axle, give easy forward motion as well as simple adjustment of the weed head position; this adjustment gives the ability to work in a varying terrain.

Uses for the DE-Moss 390

  1. Moss removal
  2. Surface weed and plants removal
  3. Reinvigorating the visual appearance of tired block paving
  4. Wall to path, or kerb edge weed/grass removal
  5. Path edge recovery
  6. Improving kerb appeal
  7. Chemical free weed control
  8. Clearing dead plant stalks on block paving

Where to use the DE-Moss 390

  1. Caravan Parks, pathways parking areas and bases
  2. Holiday homes and parks
  3. Public parks with little used block paving
  4. Home drives
  5. Block Paving
  6. Paths Concrete
  7. Car Parks
  8. Hard surface areas to remove overgrown weeds.
  9. Cemetery
  10. Crematorium
  11. Foot paths
  12. Church Yard paths

Best Areas for use

  1. Block paving drive
  2. Holiday Caravan park
  3. Caravan parks
  4. Tarmac paths
  5. Hard solid foot paths
  6. Weed overgrown concrete
  7. Hard surface area where there is very little loose hard material

The De-Moss 390 is a machine for rapid removal of moss and over surface weeds, especially the dead stalks, from hard solid surface. The over burden will quickly be cleared to the base, where it can be swept or blown away.


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