Path Renovator - 150 cm
Path Renovator - 150 cm

Kersten Wholegoods Item Code: WE 150 M-DP

£ 8,895.00 GBP (£ 8,895.00 / Piece)

The Kersten WE 150 is available as an attachment for compact tractors. This Gravel Path Renovator has a working width of 1100 mm and uses specially shaped knives to remove weeds from the gravel and de-compact the surface to allow better drainange

Weedo II Intro
Height Adj.
Gear Box
PTO rpm


Oil Bath


< 1000

Product Overview

The Kersten WE 150 with a working width of 1500 mm is the ideal tool for renovating weed ridden or compacted gravel pathways. The tools get between the gravel, decompacting it and loosening the weeds so they can be raked or blown off the surface.

The WE Series is sold without tools. Tools must be selected for the application which the machine is being used for. The Angled knife set is for using on water bound surfaces. The knives can be lowered to the correct height so there is minimal interference with the sub base. The knives de‐compact the surface. Not only this, but because of the angle, they can cut under the root of the weed and lift the whole plant to the surface, where it can be easily blown or raked off. This not only leaves the surface free of weeds, but also allows it to drain properly, and the filling to be distributed evenly across the path to avoid pot‐holes.

An aggressive chisel set with carbide tips can be used to loosen extremely compacted surfaces made from crushed stone or water bound materials. Any weeds will be loosened by the chisels and can be picked out from the looses surface. This will restore the drainage properties of the surface and allow it to be distributed evenly across the path to avoid pot‐holes.

The weed brush can also be fitted to the WE Series. This is for use on hard surfaces, such as tarmac or concrete. The brushes loosen the compacted gravel if present and also loosen soil and weeds from the hard surface, so it can be collected. This process will also allow any gravel to be evenly distributed across the surface to avoid pot‐holes.

  • Mechanical Drive PTO < 1000 rpm
  • Adjustable Roller
  • Depth Adjustment with Scale
  • Woking width - 1500mm
  • Capacity per hour - 3000m² @ 2kmh
  • Warranty - 2 year
  • Oil Bath Gear Box
  • Height Adjustable Baffles
  • Choice of CAT 0 or CAT 1 Mounting Frame
  • Choice of Knives to suit different Gravel Surfaces

    Product Applications

    Gravel Path Renovation

    Gravel paths come in many forms, usually particular to different geographic regions where a certain type of stone is available. This presents several different challenges when looking at different types of gravel surface. The main consistent features we are trying to promote are easy drainage through the surface, even distribution of material and reduction of weeds. The Gravel Path Renovator helps to deal with all these issues.

    More on Gravel Path Renovation

    “"We could be spending up to 20 hours a week removing moss and dirt from the pedestrian areas," explained John, "and it seemed nothing we did made much difference." "I was so impressed, I needed the machine there and then."”
    John from Tyne Valley Garden Centre

    Design Features

    Oil Bath Gearbox

    Height Adjustment

    Angle Knives

    Chisel Set

    Weedbrush Set

    Adjustable Baffles


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