From snow to ice... Meyer has you covered.

All Season Performers

When your spreader has finished beating the ice and snow, it can spread materials for other activities the whole year round. They really are
'All Season Performers'.

Thoughtful features, premium performance

Meyer has made a commitment to deliver the highest quality snow and ice control equipment in the industry. We've transformed the way we develop, design, manufacture and deliver every product we sell. That's why over the past few years we have undergone a complete transformation. The tradition continues with our full line of premium spreaders.

Minimise Risk

The HSE 1992 Act (now including the HSE Preventing Slips and Trips at Work 2005 Act) states that in abnormal weather conditions, arrangements should be made to minimise risks from snow and ice on floorway and traffic routes. Meeting the requirements of this regulation can involve salt-gritting and snow clearing.
Section 41 of the 1980 Highways Act states that highway authorities have a duty to ensure that the public highways under their jurisdiction are kept free of snow and ice.
In addition many local authorities and public organisation have to prove that they have carried out preventive measures and track this activity. We work closely with organisations that can offer this support, such as APD.

Proper Preparation

Our spreaders are the perfect solution to controlling snow and ice, while maintaining lots and roadways. From the front to the back of your vehicle, look to Meyer...we have you covered. It's important to remember that proper preparation is essential when working in harsh conditions.

Pedestrian Spreaders

Meyer Hotshots

Premium Quality Pedestrian Salt and Grit Broadcast Spreaders

For a heavy-duty broadcast spreader built for all-season use, look to the
Meyer Hotshot.
Meyer Hotshots are compact, easy to manoeuvre and built to handle the extreme conditions of year-round use. Hotshots are designed to apply a variety of materials including top-dress sand, rock salt and ice melt on snow and ice, as well as limestone and fertilizer. Maximum spread range is from 3.6m (12') to 5.4m (18'), depending on the model.

Controlled Spread

Hotshots are equipped to spread in confined areas, thanks to an easy-to-remove deflector shield that prevents the material from flying too far. All three Hotshot models feature ice-gripping tread pattern tires for enhanced traction in the snow. We also provide a 3-Way deflector for better directionality.

Hotshot 70

37 litre/32kg capacity, 3.6 metre max spread width. Polypropylene hopper, stainless steel handles and frame. Spread deflector providing reduced spread width for paths. Dial up flow rate control. Internal screen and shower cap. Greasable bearings. Enclosed gear case.

Hotshot 100

51 litre/45kg capacity, 5.4 metre max spread width. Polypropylene hopper, stainless steel handles and frame. Spread deflector providing reduced spread width for paths. Dial up flow rate control. Internal screen and shower cap. Greasable bearings. Enclosed gear case.

Meyer Hotshot HD

spreaders are compact, tough and built to handle the extreme temperatures, moisture, and corrosive materials typically found in year-round grounds maintenance use. Both are specifically designed for Top-dress Sand, Icemelt, Limestone and Fertilizer applications.
All Hotshot HDs features large, heavy duty Nylatron GS (Teflon® impregnated and greaseless) gears for superior durability and a quick release gear cover for easy servicing. The axle and wheel bearings/bushings provide self-lubrication with excellent wear and load carrying performance. The fitted, see-through cover keeps the weather out and the material in.

Kersten HS 70 Rotary Gritter/Spreader

The spreader is suitable for most dry, free running materials including top dressing,sand,grit, fertilizer etc. The spreading mechanism is manufactured for stainless steel parts to prevent corrosion. The speading width and spread rate are easily adjustable. The spreader will hold 3-4 25kg bags of sand at one time.

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Consumer Tailgate Spreaders

Small and medium tailgate spreaders BL240/BL240Pro and BL400/BL400Pro

The Meyer BL240 and BL400 are easy to use and ideal for many small to medium sized jobs from
walkways to small car parks and driveways. They are suitable for mounting to SUV’s, light trucks,
utility vehicles, plant vehicles and tractors.
  • 12v electric powered spreaders, ideal for spreading dry, free flowing material.
  • The large corrosion resistant polymer hopper gives you the productivity to handle several jobs with one load.
  • Controllable from inside the cab for driver convenience.
  • Spread width may be varied using the controller and a manual flow gate ensures precise flow rate (optional).
  • Locking lid keeps material dry
  • Built in stand/motor guard for protection when on the vehicle and for easy out of season storage.

BL range feature the Quick-Attach50 2”receiver hitch system. This allows the attachment and removal of the spreaders in seconds without the use of tools. The BL240Pro and BL400Pro feature a damp mix auger and vibrator as standard fitment.

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Professional Tailgate Spreaders

Professional tailgate spreaders

Blaster 350s and 750s

The Meyer Blaster Spreaders have the most powerful tailgate spreader motor available.

-One touch operation provides you total control over Blaster spreaders.
-Unique ½hp, direct drive motor is rated at up to 70amps to grind through those annoying chunks of salt and
sand. The direct drive system applies the torque directly to the rotor.
-Damp material agitator creates a void in the hopper to prevent bridging and feeds the loose material to the
pinned rotor which further grinds the material before dropping on to the spinner disc. The standard vibrator
further helps to ensure free flowing material in the worst conditions.
-Flow gate control allows the operator to gauge exactly how much material is delivered on to the spinner disc.
-Illuminated in-cab controller includes “blast” and vibrate mode. You can also regulate the spinner speed with
the variable speed controller. Selecting “Auto Spinner Stop Mode” will automatically stop the spinner from
rotating when the vehicle’s brakes are applied.
-Auto Vibrate Mode automatically vibrates the spreader for ten seconds every sixty seconds to keep the load
ready to spread. The system is protected by self diagnosis and blade fuses to prevent damage caused by
clogging. All backed by the industry’s best warranty.

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Insert Hopper Spreaders

Insert hopper spreaders CrossFire - for vehicles 3500kg and over
Meyer broke the mould with its new insert spreader, the CrossFire™. Not only did we design it with an integrated pre-wetting system, it’s also backed with three to five years of warranty protection…that’s the best in the industry.
Why pre-wet?
Pre-wetting the material speeds up the melting process and reduces how far the granules bounce once they hit the pavement. Pre-wetting can save up to 30% in material usage.
Designed to protect your truck
Everything about the CrossFire™ has been designed to protect your investment. The full-width hopper reduces material spillage into the vehicle bed to help prevent corrosion. The hopper and spinner assembly is constructed from polyethylene to eliminate rust. All mechanical drives are concealed from the elements to keep salt and moisture out and increase service life.
DLX controller
All CrossFire™ controllers include independent motor control for the auger and spinner, blast and spinner speed adjustment. Additional features of the DLX controller include pre-wet, pause, work light, vibrator and ground speed control.
The Meyer CrossFire heavy duty insert spreader is built for four season use. Designed to apply a variety of materials including sand, rock salt, ice melt on snow and ice as well as limestone and fertilizer. The auger is driven by a heavy-duty ½ hp motor and gear box that can be quickly removed for cleaning and maintenance. The independently controlled spinner manages material output to help reduce consumption and lets you precisely spread the material where you need it.
Integrated pre-wetting system in deluxe model. No hard-to-install tanks to add and the system is fully plumbed with high-quality hoses and spray system and fully controllable

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